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[News] Award Winners in SourceForge Are Announced

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Twelve Open Source Projects Snag Top Prize at SourceForge's Community Choice

,----[ Quote ]
| Speaking of the winners, here they are:
|     * Best Commercial Open Source Project: PortableApps.com 
|       (portableapps.com) 
|     * Best New Project: Eeebuntu (eeebuntu.org)
|     * Best Project: PortableApps.com (portableapps.com)
|     * Best Project for Academia: XMind (xmind.net)
|     * Best Project for Gamers: ScummVM (scummvm.org)
|     * Best Project for Government: OpenOffice.org (openoffice.org)
|     * Best Project for Multimedia: Audacity (audacity.sourceforge.net)
|     * Best Project for the Enterprise: Firebird (firebirdsql.org)
|     * Best Tool or Utility for Developers: Notepad++ 
|       (notepad-plus.sourceforge.net) 
|     * Best Tool or Utility for SysAdmins: phpMyAdmin (phpmyadmin.net)
|     * Best Visual Design: PortableApps.com (portableapps.com)
|     * Most Likely to Change the Way You Do Everything: PortableApps.com
|     (portableapps.com)


- From the community, with love 

,----[ Quote ]
| Ever thrown your hands up in despair when that much-anticipated video file 
| would not play without yet another round of codec/plug-in installations? If 
| your answer is an emphatic ‘No,’ you probably are already on to the Video Lan 
| way of life — free and independent, even literally so.   
| The VLC player, which finally released version 1.0 this month after a decade 
| of development, is truly a labour of love — in true Unix tradition 
| development, versions till now were numbered under 1.0. This is the legacy of 
| the free software (and open source) world, where developer communities — and 
| not corporations — develop and own the software and distribute it freely. VLC 
| is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).     



Ross Turk on the SourceForge Community Awards

,----[ Quote ]
| OSCON 2009 is in full swing, which means you can't walk more than 10 feet
| without tripping over a well-known geek. We’ve just spoken to Ross Turk,
| Director of Community at SourceForge, ahead of the Community Choice Awards on
| Thursday night. Here’s what he had to say on who he’d have chosen, had it not
| been completely unethical and against all his better principles...


SourceForge delivers 4 billionth open source download

,----[ Quote ]
| Since 1999, SourceForge has the 'go to place' for all open source downloads,
| but in the last couple of years, Google Code has put up a bit of challenge.
| Remember also for a while there was this constant thread in media about how
| SourceForge had 100,000 project, though most had been abandoned.
| SourceForge.net now has 230,000 projects and if downloads are an indication,
| they seem to be doing just fine.


SourceForge Grows Up - and Out

,----[ Quote ]
| SourceForge is keenly aware of its roots in the open source community, and
| its strategies for growth encompass ways to better serve its base. Among its
| goals are a transformation of the Sourceforge.net Web site into "a
| world-class development environment," said Jon Sobel, SourceForge's group
| president of media.


How Do We Introduce FOSS and Linux to Those Who Resist It?

,----[ Quote ]
| At home, it’s more manageable, in a way. You have less users to deal with but
| they could be more stubborn than 10 other users combined. In any case, it’s
| easier to study the habits of your family and/or housemates compared to an
| entire organization. Studying them will take time and interaction with them
| too. But then you get to have a better grasp of what software they need, what
| tasks they need to accomplish etc. In an office, it gets trickier because
| each person has different needs and there’s a whole lot of them so you have
| to study them a lot.


SourceForge.net 2009 Community Choice Awards Nominations Start Today

,----[ Quote ]
| MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 6, 2009 -- SourceForge (NASDAQ: LNUX), the global
| online network for community-driven tech media and e-commerce, today
| announced the opening of nominations for the fourth annual SourceForge.net
| Community Choice Awards. The awards program allows the community to recognize
| open source software projects that are built with the highest quality,
| creativity and ingenuity.


SourceForge Commits to Git, Bazaar and Mercurial Support

,----[ Quote ]
| The sites and services existing under the SourceForge umbrella have
| experienced some significant changes in the past several months. In the first
| three months of 2009, we've seen management changes and the re-direction of
| some SourceForge properties. SourceForge is ushering in another change --
| free hosting for the Git, Bazaar, and Mercurial source code management
| systems. These services are now available to every open source project
| registered with SourceForge.net.


Hivelocity Announces SourceForge

,----[ Quote ]
| Hivelocity, a dedicated hosting provider, announced it will be providing the
| world’s largest open source software development and distribution
| environment, SourceForge, with download mirror services.
| [...]
| Hivelocity also provides mirrors to both Cpanel and CentOS.org.


SourceForge Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2009 Financial Results

,----[ Quote ]
| Up 9% Year-Over-Year Media Revenue Increase 4% -- E-Commerce Revenue Increase
| 10%
| MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, Feb 26, 2009 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- SourceForge, Inc.
| (NASDAQ: LNUX), the leader in IT community-driven media and e-commerce, today
| announced financial results for its second quarter of fiscal 2009, which
| ended January 31, 2009.

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