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[News] OpenFabrics Spreads in GNU/Linux CLusters

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Adoption of OpenFabrics Alliance Software Accelerates to 60 Percent of New
High-Performance Cluster Installations

,----[ Quote ]
| The OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA), an open-source project that develops, tests, 
| licenses and distributes Linux and Windows driver and middleware software for 
| high-performance, low-latency Ethernet and InfiniBand networks, today 
| announced that more than 40 percent of the 100 top-performing HPC systems, 
| and as many as 60 percent of all new HPC installations worldwide, utilize 
| OpenFabrics Software as an Enterprise Distribution (OFED) for parallel 
| computing, low-latency interconnects, and/or file-system operations.      



I Fear Microsoft Geeks Bearing Gifts...

,----[ Quote ]
| So basically Project Trident is more Project Trojan Horse - an attempt to get
| Microsoft HPC Server cluster technologies into the scientific community
| without anyone noticing. And why might Microsoft be so keen to do that? Maybe
| something to do with the fact that Windows currently runs just 1% of the top
| 500 supercomputing sites, while GNU/Linux has over 88% share.
| Microsoft's approach here can be summed up as: accept our free dog biscuit,
| and be lumbered with a dog.



Linux shows staying power on Top500

,----[ Quote ]
| The latest list indicates growing Linux dominance. Linux is used in the top
| nine supercomputer systems in the world. When considered as the primary OS or
| part of a mixed-OS supersystem, Linux is now present in 469 of the
| supercomputer sites, 93.8% of the Top500 list.


Why is Linux THE FASTEST operating system today?

,----[ Quote ]
| Now that I mentioned supercomputers at the time of this writing the worlds
| fastest supercomputer runs Linux. In fact most of them run Linux as you will
| see here in the list of the top 500 supercomputers. Out of all of the
| operating systems on these supercomputers Linux is a whopping 87.8% with
| windows only (giggle) 1% as can be seen here. The current worlds fastest
| supercomputer runs..... Redhat Linux and Fedora. The exact same ones you can
| download and install on your personal computer.

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