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Re: How Microsoft Does Bundling and Why (Comes vs. Microsoft – exhibits PX00980 and PX00928)

On Jul 26, 9:27 am, the community of "Moshe Goldfarb", who are not
sponsored or supported in any way by Microsoft, its partners,
affiliates, or hangers on wrote:
> On Sun, 26 Jul 2009 09:16:54 -0700 (PDT), Vaughn Bode wrote:
> > On Jul 26, 6:47 am, Moshe Goldfarb <moshegoldf...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> On Sun, 26 Jul 2009 14:06:50 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> >>>     From: joachimk Mon Sep 30 10:53:23 1991
> >> 1991 ?
> > The scummy behaviour of Microsoft goes back a looooooooong way.
> > You must not know much about Microsoft.  There are plenty of places to
> > read up on it.
> Who cares?

Obviously not you.  The joy in your posts about Gates raking in
billions, smothering Linux, with his shoddy products is evident.

> Do you think the 95+ percent of people using Windows give a hoot
> anymore than they give a hoot that General Electric is one of
> the world's worst polluters of the environment?
> > But Gates is a billionaire, so you will close your eyes to the trail
> > of destruction.
> And if you look at just about any other person like Gates, you
> will find that they made their money the same way.

You are making excuses for Gates.

> Henry Ford for example....
> You don't become one of the world's richest people by being
> nice.

That's what I was saying in the "Gates is a visionary" thread.  And
here you are agreeing with me, will wonders never cease?

> That of course does not condone the behaviour, but you freetards
> seem to think Gates is the only person in history who has done
> this.

Oh no!  It takes a very special man to manoeuvre such a crappy product
into a world dominating empire.

> >> Slow day in the SPAM department Roy Schestowitz?
> >> Are your masters cracking the whip again so you keep your output
> >> high  quality low?
> > So let me get this straight ... unemployed amateur OS building
> > basement dwellers that get fed by their mommys have masters?
> Schestowitz doesn't eat.
> He doesn't have the time.
> > While at the same time a team of Windows goons spending an
> > extraordinary amount of time sifting through COLA, in support of a
> > multi-billion dollar international company, are not paid in any way
> > for their activity.
> Correct.
> > Have I got that right?
> Wrong as usual "Vaughn"......

So you agreed with everything I wrote and then declared me wrong.  You
really should not let DFS help you write your posts, he will just make
you look silly.

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