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[News] Impressions of Ubuntu for Sub-notebooks and Moblin 2.0 Beta

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Ubuntu for Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| I did a fair amount of research this month on netbooks, and ended up choosing 
| the Toshiba NB200 (or NB205 as it is in the US) as what I thought was the 
| best option currently. I read quite a few reviews online, and paid attention 
| to the reviews comparing among netbooks the real world issues that aren’t 
| often covered by comparing specs. Each computer maker seems to have a netbook 
| now trying to corner the market, and they’re almost all the same hardware it 
| seems. But good notebook review sites measure practical concerns like screen 
| brightness outdoors, contrast, heat, fan noise, keyboard feel, and actual 
| battery life.        


Moblin 2.0 Beta Impressions

,----[ Quote ]
|     * Boot is insanely quick. BIOS appears to take longer to come up.
|     * Alpha software, not Beta. Crashes a lot. Functionality doesn't 
|     consistently work. 
|     * Reworked UI hints at amazing amount of promise. So many interesting new 
|     possibilities. So many of which are yet unrealized. 



Researcher: Chrome to boost Atom to ARM switch in netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| LONDON — Technology changes, including the introudction of the Chrome
| OS, will undermine Atom's grip on the netbook market during a
| recessionary time when people don't want, and can't afford, a second
| laptop just to carry around say market researchers, The Information Network.
| While Intel's Atom holds more than an 80 percent share of the
| 23.5-million netbooks sold in 2009 the ARM processor will to gain a 55
| percent market share of the 96.0 million netbooks sold in 2012,
| according to researchers.
| "We see two technology factors converging with the poor macroeconomic
| situation that will create a market for ARM - the release of the
| Cortex-9 microarchitecture and the emergence of cloud computing," said
| Dr. Robert Castellano, president of The Information Network (New
| Tripoli, PA). "Chrome OS is the first operating system built with cloud
| computing in mind."

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