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[News] [Rival] Vista 7 Compatibility Broken Before Arrival (or on RTM)

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Microsoft Admits API Error On Security Center Warnings

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week we reported that Windows was reporting, a couple months early, that 
| some security software was using an expired API to report its status to the 
| Windows Security Center. One reader of the ISC story we linked to stated that 
| he was experiencing it with Panda 2009 and the Windows 7 release candidate.   


Move along, people. It's just another Vista.


Ballmer says Windows 7 is vaporware

,----[ Quote ]
| Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, shocked attendees at Microsoft's Worldwide
| Partner conference in New Orleans yesterday when he announced that while
| Windows 7 is certainly interesting since it won't ship until late this year
| it's little more than vaporware.
| Ballmer continued, to the stunned audience of Microsoft programmers'
| amazement, to say that "I don't know if we can't make up our mind or what our
| problem is over here, but the last time I checked, you don't need two client
| operating systems. It's good to have one."
| [...]
| Wait. What's this? Oh, I see! Ballmer was actually talking about Google's
| just announced Linux-based Chrome operating system. and Android. Funny that.
| You see, everything he said about Google and its plans actually applies far
| more to Microsoft and its way of doing business than it does Google.
| Interesting isn't it?


Why I chose Ubuntu after trying Windows 7

,----[ Quote ]
| A couple of years ago I would probably easily dismiss the idea of trying out
| a new version of Windows on the basis of a Free Software ideology or the
| chorus of voices of Free Software or Open Source fans saying how it just
| sucks and I better not bother. But things have changed and while some may
| accuse me of betraying my own four freedoms or even worse the sin of
| promoting subjugation of computer users, my "evolution" (or de-evolution,
| perhaps, in some views), has exactly a lot to do with freedom. For what
| that's worth to would be detractors, it's freedom that I rediscovered, not
| that I betrayed.
| [...]
| I think it is becoming rather obvious why Ubuntu rears itself as a better
| choice here. Availability of production software is an issue that I face only
| a small minority of time. I mainly do web development or writing which I can
| easily do with tools readily available. Fun stuff like watching movies,
| listening to music, watching videos online, chatting etc. is all well
| supported. So the things that are missing are things which I need too
| sparsely to warrant switching to a new OS, let alone paying for it.
| [...]
| All in all, a good case is being built for popular, well supported Linux
| based OS's like Ubuntu.

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