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[News] Free Software Inherent in More Hardware

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Interpreting sign language is just the beginning for the AcceleGlove open
source dataglove

,----[ Quote ]
| After years in the making, the AcceleGlove open source data glove is now 
| available for purchase from Anthrotronix. Originally designed for use as an 
| automated American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter, the AcceleGlove can be 
| used for a host of other applications. Thanks to the open source Software 
| Development Kit (SDK) provided with the glove, developers and hobbyists alike 
| can adapt the glove for use in assistive technology, rehabilitation, 
| robotics, video gaming, virtual reality or a computing input device to name a 
| few.       


FreeNAS: Free and Snazzy Storage Solution  

,----[ Quote ]
| We've all been on the wrong end of a solution that was sold as inexpensive, 
| free, time-saving, energy saving or one that offered a quick return on 
| investment only to end up spending more on that alternative solution than a 
| mainstream one. For some technologies, you're better off with a brand name, 
| but for a select few, generic is the only way to go. FreeNAS is one of those 
| surprising projects that not only saves you a huge amount of money but is so 
| simple to use that you'll wonder why there's so much mystery surrounding 
| network-attached storage(NAS).       



Mainframe programming and open source -- Where's the beef?

,----[ Quote ]
| Open-source advocates often cite lower software prices, "power to the
| masses", or avoidance of vendor lock-in. However, a key value of open
| source is the ability of IT shops to tap into open source development and
| its methodologies to enhance applications. Open source and collaborative
| programming not only leverage programming power outside the enterprise
| or overseas, but also improve the quality of in-house proprietary
| programming, making not only business-critical applications but
| entire platforms much more effective.
| [...]
| Open source is steadily increasing its presence, from the bottom of
| the software stack up. Linux (operating systems), Netscape Navigator
| (browsers), and Apache (application servers) are now being joined by
| office automation suites, development tools (Eclipse), databases (mySQL,
| PostgreSQL, and Berkeley DB [now part of Oracle]), and now data
| integration tools (Jitterbit, aimed at bringing data integration to
| medium-sized firms). Developers -- especially open-source ones -- can
| use these solutions as class libraries that they can invoke in order
| to handle infrastructure across platforms.

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