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[News] Why Exposing the Internals of Fog Computing is Important

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Maybe software services could harm free software after all (and other news from
the Open Source convention)

,----[ Quote ]
| What worries free software advocates is that their software can be enhanced 
| without sharing the source, if the software is hidden behind a web interface. 
| I claimed that this is not really a threat to the free software movement 
| because modern languages and development tools make it so easy to replicate a 
| service. In fact, we have so many people creating so many services that 
| nobody has time to try all the ones that interest him.      


Voxeo Announces Tropo: The Open Source Cloud Telephony Service

,----[ Quote ]
| - Tropo "Shims" for Groovy, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby programming 
| languages. Tropo Shims adapt the Tropo core API for use in a specific 
| programming language. Open-sourcing these components enables Tropo to quickly 
| support other programming languages. By releasing this code and working with 
| the open-source telephony community, Voxeo hopes to add support for 
| additional programming languages such as Clojure, JavaFX, and Scala.     



Mullenweg: Open Source Trumps The Cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| Using cloud storage from Amazon has helped Automattic scale its fast-growing
| Wordpress.com blog hosting service. But Wordpress founding developer Matt
| Mullenweg said he’d much prefer to run an optimized open source solution on
| leased servers. While cloud computing is the hot buzzword, Mullenweg said
| open source is the key to competing in the new digital economy.

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