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[News] GNU/Linux Finds LEGS While Windows Remains ARMless

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ARM has legs

,----[ Quote ]
| With Intel looking to Linux for its Moblin operating system solution for 
| portable device, the Wintel alliance between Microsoft and Intel - which has 
| long had the stranglehold on personal computing - is showing signs of 
| weakening.   
| Of course Windows XP/Vista/7 will not run on an ARM processor, so this next 
| generation of devices will see some interesting, not to say overdue, 
| diversification in user interfaces. At the core of many if not most devices 
| will be Linux, skinned with something a bit more approachable than a geeky 
| command-line interface. Maybe even more user-friendly than the current ‘best 
| fit' of Ubuntu Linux that we saw on the Pegatron.     
| While Ubuntu is a reasonable clone of the Windows desktop paradigm, in order 
| to make personal computing a truly easy ride for all generations of the 
| family, we should see some interesting graphical interfaces appear on new 
| ARM/Linux mobile internet devices.   



Researcher: Chrome to boost Atom to ARM switch in netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| LONDON — Technology changes, including the introudction of the Chrome
| OS, will undermine Atom's grip on the netbook market during a
| recessionary time when people don't want, and can't afford, a second
| laptop just to carry around say market researchers, The Information Network.
| While Intel's Atom holds more than an 80 percent share of the
| 23.5-million netbooks sold in 2009 the ARM processor will to gain a 55
| percent market share of the 96.0 million netbooks sold in 2012,
| according to researchers.
| "We see two technology factors converging with the poor macroeconomic
| situation that will create a market for ARM - the release of the
| Cortex-9 microarchitecture and the emergence of cloud computing," said
| Dr. Robert Castellano, president of The Information Network (New
| Tripoli, PA). "Chrome OS is the first operating system built with cloud
| computing in mind."

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