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Re: [News] Ubuntu Christian Edition 5.0 and Ubuntu 8.04.3 Are Released

Attila wrote:
> Attila wrote:
>> Logan Rathbone wrote:
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> Ubuntu Christian Edition 5.0 Is Based on Ubuntu 9.04
>>> May God help us all...
>> Buy what OS would Jesus use? and what distro? That is the
>> question. Attila
> I meant, "But what OS would Jesus use?" Sorry about that. 
> Attila

Or rather, "What OS would the Pharisees use?"   ;->

One thing I find interesting is the customising that goes on with
Linux.  There are editions for just about every interest, for

Jewbuntu for Jews:


As far as what OS Jesus would use, I think He was more interested
in the welfare of people than software.  He stated, “The foxes
have holes, and the birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of
Man has no place to lay his head.” [WEB] Luke 9:58

Perhaps solid state disk Linux netbook with 8 hours battery life,
because He was always on the go?   :-)

.... and there is some humorous commenting on the Christian edition:

[abridged quotes]
Ubuntu Christian Edition Facts

The Operating System that can bring you to heaven
Saturday, August 25, 2007

In Ubuntu Christian Edition the mount command calls the sermon
script. Ensuring you always get a sermon on the mount.

There is no abort() support in Ubuntu Christian Edition's glibc
(tnx to noah)

Ubuntu Christian Edition is Three in One... Ubuntu, Kubuntu and
Xubuntu Christian Edition

In Ubuntu Christian Edition GNOME’s logo is washed just before

Ubuntu Christian Edition 7.04 will be called "Chaste Fawn"

In Ubuntu Christian Edition the sin() function has been removed
from libm.

In Ubuntu Christian Edition, all documents are saved by grace
through faith.

In Ubuntu Christian Edition you can burn heretic cds only.

With Ubuntu Christian Edition, you don't need to surf the web.
You can walk on it.
[/abridged quotes]

[...] and the best one!

"Ubuntu Christian Edition won't run on Apple computers. He said
not to touch them."




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