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[News] Stronger Intellectual Monopolies Cause More Harm Than Good

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In China And India, Stronger Intellectual Property Is Unnecessary

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| Stronger intellectual property may also be unnecessary in another way. 
| Although they are promoted as a tool for enhancing economic competitiveness, 
| readers of Techdirt will know that their effectiveness is, at most, 
| questionable. In the 1980s, there was a boom in American patenting activity, 
| seemingly corresponding with changes to intellectual property laws that were 
| made in response to worries about diminishing national competitiveness 
| (Dahlman 2001). A measure of useful innovation, Total Factor Productivity, 
| should have increased accordingly with the rise in useful, novel and 
| non-obvious inventions, but this has not been the case (Boldrin 2008), 
| providing compelling evidence that, contrary to common usage, patent activity 
| is not equitable with economic benefits.          


Costly Drugs Known as Biologics Prompt Exclusivity Debate 

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| For starters, whatever the exclusivity period, biologic drugs would also 
| continue to be protected from copycats by patents. And in many cases, the 
| patent protection would last longer than the exclusivity period, making the 
| Congressionally mandated exclusivity a moot point.   
| Genentech’s Avastin, for instance, has patent protection until 2019 — 15 
| years after the drug’s 2004 approval by the F.D.A. The company’s breast 
| cancer drug, Herceptin, has patents that extend 21 years from its 1998 
| approval.    


Another bad day for IP auctions as first ICAP sale hits record low

,----[ Quote ]
| I have just heard the results of the first ICAP Ocean Tomo IP auction, held 
| this afternoon in Chicago. According to the reports I have had, a total of 
| just over $1.5 million was raised, excluding buyer and seller premiums. This 
| is lower than any amount raised at any Ocean Tomo auction and is comfortably 
| less than the approximately $2.75 million generated in San Francisco in 
| March - which itself was seen as pretty disastrous.      




,----[ Quote ]
| More than 20 years after medical expert systems were first developed, the
| USPTO issued two patents simply on the concept of using a computer to help
| physicians choose medical treatments. A company that purchased these patents
| claims that "the diagnosis and treatment of most chronic diseases will fall
| under the claims of these patents." Already it has filed patent infringement
| suits against seven companies in three years and it threatened to sue a
| university for hosting a freely available HIV database. Perhaps most
| startling of all, that same university -- where much of the seminal research
| on expert systems took place -- entered into a licensing agreement intended
| to limit the use of the HIV database, which had been created by one of its
| own faculty.


Do Patents Kill? A Strange Twist in the Ramkumar vs Samsung Saga

,----[ Quote ]
| A number of papers report that a death in Chennai could be connected with the
| ongoing Ramkumar vs Samsung (and others) patent litigation, a litigation that
| we have been tracking on this blog.

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