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[News] Copyrights Extremism Used to Defend Abuse and Killing

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Aerial Wolf Kills, Alaska Officials claim copyright infringement of photos

,----[ Quote ]
| The Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund has obtained government photos of March 
| 2009 aerial wolf kills in which 84 wolves, every wolf they could find, was 
| shot.  Officials spotted and shot from the air. Government officials claim 
| the wolf kill is for the good of the wildlife. The photos were obtained 
| through a public records request.    


UK Council Considers Speed Camera Photos Copyrighted

,----[ Quote ]
| The East Sussex, UK Police are attempting to have speed camera photographs 
| removed from websites by claiming they represent copyrighted material. In 
| particular, the police are targeting a set of images taken in June 2008 that 
| motorcyclist Peter Barker used to prove that a radar device that clocked him 
| at 38 MPH must have been wrong. Based on measurements of the photographic 
| evidence, a Brighton Magistrates Court judge agreed and threw out the case 
| against Barker.      



Copyright Lobbyists Celebrate Latest Bogus Stats With Willing Gov't Officials

,----[ Quote ]
| They don't actually look at the real research on these things. Instead, they
| accept as gospel the ridiculous debunked research that comes out of the
| industry lobbyists who benefit the most from such protectionism that limits
| real and meaningful competition. And no one calls them on it. Take, for
| example, this Internet News report on how lobbyists for the music, movie and
| software industries all got together with Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, and
| talked up a new and misleading study from the International Intellectual
| Property Association that talks up the importance of copyright.


Copyright debate heats up over Obama appointments

,----[ Quote ]
| The president has, in fact, filled out some high-level Justice Department
| positions with lawyers favored by the copyright industry, including attorneys
| who have represented the Recording Industry Association of America and the
| Business Software Alliance. The signatories of the April 2 letter said the
| Justice Department's intervention last month in favor of a record label in a
| file-sharing case heightens their concern.


Biden promises 'right person' as new U.S. copyright czar

,----[ Quote ]
| "It's pure theft, stolen from the artists and quite frankly from the American
| people as consequence of loss of jobs and as a consequence of loss of
| income," Biden said, according to a White House pool report.

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