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[News] MAFIAA Comes Under More Scorn from Singers

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UK Music Industry Economists Admit: Music Industry Getting Bigger, Not Smaller

,----[ Quote ]
| Will Page and Chris Carey, where they try to look more closely at the real 
| numbers and conclude that for all the whining and complaining, the UK music 
| industry is actually growing (warning:pdf).   


Artist Finds His Own Music Video Removed From YouTube, Lashes Out On Twitter

,----[ Quote ]
| Hell hath no fury like a 
| music-artist-who-sees-his-own-music-video-removed-from-YouTube scorned. The 
| video sharing service may be doing its best to keep copyrighted material off 
| its website, but London-based artist Calvin Harris, who saw the music video 
| of his ‘Ready For The Weekend - Original Mix’ being deleted from his own 
| account over copyright claims, is not amused. The artist has been lashing out 
| on his Twitter account this morning, and you’re advised to turn your eyes 
| away if you object to foul language.       


Copyright Group Prosecuted For Failing to Pay Artists

,----[ Quote ]
| The attorney general in Brussels has concluded a three year investigation 
| into the money trails at the the local music royalty collecting agency SABAM. 
| The attorney general concluded that the copyright group is not paying the 
| artists the money owed to them, and will prosecute five managers for forgery 
| of documents and abuse of trust.    



YouTube myth busting

,----[ Quote ]
| Myth 5: YouTube is only monetizing 3-5% of the site. This oft-cited statistic
| is old and wrong, and continues to raise much speculation. In our view, the
| percentage is far less important than the total number of monetized views,
| and we are now helping partners generate revenue from hundreds of millions of
| video views in the U.S. every week (and billions worldwide), more than any
| other video site has total views. Monetized views have more than tripled in
| the past year, as we're adding partner content very quickly and doing a
| better job of promoting their videos across the site.
| These myths are officially busted.


RIAA Brief Attacks Free Software Foundation

,----[ Quote ]
| In their proposed response, the RIAA lawyers personally attacked The Free
| Software Foundation, Ray Beckerman (NewYorkCountryLawyer), and NYCL's
| blog, 'Recording Industry vs. The People'. The 9-page response (PDF) — 4
| pages longer than the document to which it was responding — termed the FSF an
| organization 'dedicated to eliminating restrictions on copying,
| redistribution, and modifying computer programs', and accused the FSF of
| having an 'open and virulent bias against copyrights' and 'blatant bias'
| against the record companies.


RIAA publicly humiliates judge Nancy Gertner

,----[ Quote ]
| Hired RIAA attack lawyers Timothy Reynolds (Holme Roberts & Owen) and Daniel
| Cloherty  (Dwyer & Collora) apparently think it’s perfectly acceptable to
| tell a judge to take a hike.

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