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[News] HTC Demotes Microsoft Windows and Goes with Linux

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HTC's Android Smartphone Production To Surpass Windows Mobile in 2010

,----[ Quote ]
| Sales of Android smartphones must been promising enough for HTC, the 
| smartphone specialists, to plan a substantial increase in the proportion of 
| Android-based smartphones it will ship in 2010.  
| This will be done at the expense of Microsoft's Windows Mobile which was 
| HTC's preferred platform until now; Android currently accounts for 30 percent 
| of HTC's shipments and the company wants to push this to over 50 percent.  


HTC to Focus on Android Over Other Platforms?

,----[ Quote ]
| We keep hearing that a lot of OEMs are working on Android smartphones, even 
| though only a few have made it to market. There is an explosion of Android 
| phones set to appear this year and early next year. Phone maker HTC is one of 
| the biggest players in the smartphone world, and the largest maker of Windows 
| Mobil phones around. It produces some of the most popular phones on the 
| market, the Touch and Touch Pro among them.     


Several Chinese Android phones due in Europe this year

,----[ Quote ]
| The company has four partners that will brand and sell the Android phone, Liu 
| said, declining to give their names. The partner launching the phone in 
| Europe is a global brand, he said.  
| Chinese companies Huawei Technologies and Haier have also revealed plans to 
| sell Android handsets in Europe. Huawei has said T-Mobile will launch its 
| Android phone there during the third quarter. It first announced the 3G 
| handset, which resembles the iPhone, early this year.    



Hero: HTC names third Android smartphone

,----[ Quote ]
| Hero also has a 15° curve running through its body that HTC claimed makes the
| phone perfectly shaped for holding in your hand and against your face.


HTC Hero comes with Adobe Flash

,----[ Quote ]
| Adobe has confirmed that the latest Android handset from HTC, the Hero, will
| come with a proper Flash client: version 9 with support for ActionScript 2,
| with version 10 to follow some time next year.


HTC Magic Android phone free from 3

,----[ Quote ]
| The Android-based HTC Magic will be available for free (as in $0 upfront) on
| a $99 cap plan from 3.


HTC releases Magic Android to local market

,----[ Quote ]
| Minor differences between the two are eclipsed by the broader functionality
| shared by the Linux-based Android 1.5 “Cupcake” operating system which brings
| iPhone-like functionality, including Google Maps and Latitude, e-mail, IM,
| YouTube and the Android Market for thousands of third-party applications.


Hacking Android on Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Great now I can run Android, right? Not yet. I came to find out that there
| are many things in the Android code that rely on specific hardware features.
| For example, is the device powered on? Of course it is on -- we are a
| computer :)


Google Android Netbooks Hit China

,----[ Quote ]
| Looking to get your hands on a netbook with some official Android goodness?
| While the US manufacturers haven’t caught on yet, China’s Skytone certainly
| has and would love to offer you the Alpha-680 netbook for about $100. It
| comes in white, black, yellow, pink and red. 3G, Ethernet, Wifi and USB ports
| are all included to get you connected and an SD card reader will provide you
| with more storage. You’re going to need it too since it only sports 1GB of
| solid state memory.

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