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[News] Google's Linux Passes to Devices

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Android to invade in-home gadgets during 2009?

,----[ Quote ]
| Gadget manufacturers will launch a range of Android-based devices for use in 
| and around the home this year, according to a touchscreen gadget company. 


Google's Android To Invade Homes

,----[ Quote ]
| In a sign that Google's Android mobile platform has a future far beyond 
| cellphones, San Francisco-based start-up Touch Revolution says a string of 
| well-known companies will introduce a range of Android-powered household 
| gadgets before the end of the year.   



The OESF: Quietly Working to Get Android On New Hardware Devices

,----[ Quote ]
| Miura tells EETimes that the CEATEC show will include displays with prototype
| Android set tops, developed by Motorola for KDDI, a Japanese
| telecommunication service provider. He also confirms that the OESF is
| launching several working groups, including ones focused on: set-top boxes;
| VOIP; network and security; measurement and control; system core; application
| and services; and marketing and education.


Google Android Running On Eee PC 701 Tutorial

,----[ Quote ]
| We all know that the Google Android operating system was specially developed
| to run on cell phones, but that doesn't mean that we cannot tweak it to run
| on netbooks as well.


Android Spreading Out to Netbooks, and E-Ink Devices

,----[ Quote ]
| Although it is still early enough in development that it may not become a
| shipping product, Asus has confirmed that it has been developing a netbook
| based on Google's Android platform. Asus' Eee PC division lead, Samson Hu,
| told Bloomberg that engineers are working on a possible end-of-year release
| window. We've written before about Cupcake, a version of Android that is
| friendly to non-phone devices, and there have already been successful efforts
| putting Cupcake on netbooks.

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