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[News] DRM is Dying, Nothing Else Works for MAFIAA

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DRM is ****, RIAA Says

,----[ Quote ]
| For years the RIAA has defended the use of DRM, much to the dislike of 
| millions of honest customers who actually paid for their music. Now, in a 
| shocking turnaround, the outfit seems to have come to the realization that 
| DRM does more harm than good and has officially declared its death.   


Plug pulled on unlimited-download site Zookz

,----[ Quote ]
| That didn't take long. Friday evening I blogged that the government of 
| Antigua had issued a terse press release claiming that it had nothing to do 
| with unlimited-download site Zookz. The Zookz legal team responded with an 
| equally terse note saying that it didn't need the government's approval, and 
| that its service was perfectly legal under its interpretation of a recent 
| World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling.      


Spotify to take online jukebox to the States

,----[ Quote ]
| Founded by two Swedish entrepreneurs, Spotify provides an online jukebox 
| allowing users to listen to a library of more than six million tracks, funded 
| either by regular advertising breaks or by a monthly subscription for 
| uninterrupted listening. The model has proved phenomenally popular since its 
| launch in October and has been hailed as a viable alternative to Apple's 
| iTunes.     


The customer is the scarcity

,----[ Quote ]
| Not all artificial scarcities have been termed illegal as yet: the most 
| glaring example is that of “intellectual property rights”, where something is 
| made artificially scarce using the power of the state; no other rights depend 
| exclusively on state intervention. Strange, that.   


How Copyright Can Be Viewed As Anti-Property

,----[ Quote ]
| While I have no doubt that this will upset and anger the folks who believe 
| that copyright is absolutely 100% property, it's a rather compelling 
| explanation of how copyright isn't just not like property, but in many ways 
| is anti-property in that it violates some of the basic tenets of true 
| property and true property rights.    


"DRM is the future."

                                --Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO


Orange Drops DRM From Its Music Store

,----[ Quote ]
| Another nail in the coffin for copy locks - Orange is switching off DRM
| across the two million tracks in its Orange Music Store.

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