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[News] New PCLinuxOS Magazine, Recommendation

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File: The New PCLinuxOS Magazine July 2009 Issue

,----[ Quote ]
| The New PCLinuxOS Magazine, which comprises volunteers from the PCLinuxOS 
| community is proud to announce the release of it's July 2009 edition. This 
| edition brought forth several decisions from the new crew to bring it forth 
| to a monthly release and the selection of a new Chief Editor, Paul Arnote aka 
| parnote.    


Music Slight of Hand.

,----[ Quote ]
| I HIGHLY recommend that you get PCLinuxOS. Download it, burn it to disk, run 
| the Live CD and then install it. You'll be saying goodbye to all the Windows 
| headaches of spyare and viruses. You'll also be saying hello to a stable, 
| secure operating system with thousands of software titles (like 
| AudiKonverter) and a wonderful welcoming community of users.    



Community Remaster: PCLinuxOS Xfce – Phoenix Edition RC1

,----[ Quote ]
| This project has sprung up from the MyPCLinuxOS Forum per a request from the
| Xfce enthusiasts. Sproggy took this project on as a personal task to see if
| he could create a worthy PCLinuxOS Remaster to sit alongside the other greats
| Remasters out there. Sproggy chose Xfce because it is lightweight and
| superfast on old computers.


KDE 4 packages for PCLinuxOS Scheduled

,----[ Quote ]
| KDE 4 packages for the PCLinuxOS distrubtion are scheduled to arrive in the
| PCLinuxOS repositories by the end of June or sooner if things build well.
| Hopefully most of the 3rd party applications will have matured enough to
| replace their KDE 3 counterparts.


Good-Bye Ubuntu, Hello PCLinuxOS

,----[ Quote ]
| I've been spending the past few days migrating some of my home computers to
| PCLinuxOS. Not my studio computer which is going to run Fedora with the
| Planet CCRMA packages. I keep a current Ubuntu on my laptop just to stay
| up-to-date, and Debian powers the home server. Nobody is pushing Debian out
| of that spot; it's too important.

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