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[News] KDE 4.3 Screencast is Released and Killer Apps Reviewed

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KDE 4.3 Plasma Overview Screencast

,----[ Quote ]
| Ho, ho! Finally! The KDE 4.3 Plasma screencast arrives! It's 10:36 in length 
| and covers some of the nice improvements we've in Plasmaland for 4.3, 
| including:  
| # The new Air theme
| # Small panel sizes
| [...]


10 Awesome Features of Krunner in KDE 4

,----[ Quote ]
| Many KDE 3 users depended on Krun, a simple yet effective application used to 
| execute commands. Executed simply by pressing “Alt-F2″, it was much easier to 
| start applications using it, rather than navigating through a launch menu or 
| opening a terminal window. The only catch with Krun was that you had to know 
| the exact name of the command you intended to launch.  With the advent of KDE 
| 4, that has all changed.     


Yakuake - Great Quake-Like Terminal Application for KDE4

,----[ Quote ]
| A while ago I wrote an article called 13 Terminal Emulators for Linux, where 
| I briefly reviewed all those popular shell-like applications and a few 
| flavours of xterm or rxvt. In this article I will talk about Yakuake, a 
| powerful terminal application for Linux, and also the KDE counterpart of 
| Tilda in GNOME.    



KDE 4.3 RC + Lancelot themes… a bad combo

,----[ Quote ]
| Just as a note, since Air is now the default theme for Plasma (and what’s
| worse, it is even called “default” instead of “air”), you’ll see that the
| Lancelot themes in 4.3 RC are screwed up. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fix
| this before 4.3 RC tagging today (I was too late to discover the issue in the
| first place).


KDE 4.3 branched, trunk is now 4.4

,----[ Quote ]
| The release team has just done something a bit different from past release
| cycles to test out some modifications to our usual work flow: with the
| release of the first release candidate, 4.3 has been immediately branched off
| of the mainline trunk, and trunk is now 4.4. In the past we've done this only
| when the new release is actually made, not during the release candidates.


On KDE4.3

,----[ Quote ]
| We are almost one month far away from the kde4.3 release. Yesterday the 4.3
| rc1 was tagged and due to excellent work of our colleagues in OBS we have it
| already.
| Personally, I would have liked it to go a little bit further away in terms of
| usability, we will speak about that later.  This release will mark the break
| with 3.5. I see no real reason for not using kde 4.3. All the functionality
| that people were crying after from 3.5 is finally up and running (a lot of
| time better) in KDE 4.3.


KDE 4.3 Beta 1: A Short Preview

,----[ Quote ]
| There are a ton of features in KDE 4.3, more than I could possibly mention in
| one article. It seems that there are improvements all over the place.


Selective list of Plasma changes for KDE 4.3

,----[ Quote ]
| Aaron Seigo has published a list of changes and new features to Plasma, the
| desktop shell for KDE4, that will be included in KDE4.3. This list is quite
| long, so I will only try to show the most important changes.


KDE 4.3 Beta 1 - looking pretty

,----[ Quote ]
| Looking back for a moment, there's no question that KDE 4 has had a very
| rough ride. Certainly, version 4.0 was a disappointment for many users,
| lacking features and functionality to make the move from 3.5 worthwhile.
| Version 4.1 started to repair the damage, and 4.2 padded it out to be good
| all-round desktop (don't miss our top KDE 4.2 tips!). Will 4.3 be the first
| 4.x release to win over armies of Gnome fans?


KDE 4.3 Beta 1 Out For Testing

,----[ Quote ]
| The KDE Community today announced the immediate availability of KDE 4.3 Beta
| 1, the first preview of the 3rd iteration over the KDE 4 desktop,
| applications and development platform.
| KDE 4.3 focuses on polishing and completing the user experience by providing
| a modern and beautiful Free working environment. KDE's award-winning tools
| and applications are available in more than 50 languages. The KDE team is now
| in bugfixing mode in order to provide a smooth KDE 4.3.0 to end users in late
| July.


KDE 4.3: First Widget for Social Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| A widget has been included in KDE 4.3 as the first implementation of the
| „Social Desktop“ which allows the user to view other KDE users in his or her
| city or region.


KDE 4.3 - early preview

,----[ Quote ]
| Like it or not, KDE 4.3 will be a great leap forward in this environment’s
| development. I won’t hesitate to say, it will be a bigger one than KDE 4.1 to
| 4.2. Interestingly enough, my compilation of development snapshot worked
| stable and jerk-free - no major issues there.


wallpapers and other bobbles for 4.3

,----[ Quote ]
| We have a number of new Plasma components lining up to make it into 4.3. Not
| least among them is a geolocation DataEngine, making it absolutely trivial
| for anything Plasma to get at the information either via a GPS device or by
| looking up the location of your network address if you are online. Along with
| a handful of new widgets, some I've already written about recently, we also
| have no less than six new wallpaper plugins that may make it into 4.3!


Air and KDE 4.3.

,----[ Quote ]
| Air was the wallpaper we introduced in KDE 4.2, but that is just the
| beginning of something larger. Air is supposed to be different than what
| Oxygen is, something that tries to appeal to a user base looking for a
| more "sexy" experience than Oxygen (yeah I know you are out there :) ), but
| to still have the capability of merging nicely with what we have now.


Five Improvements For KDE 4.3

,----[ Quote ]
| The new year has already brought us a nice treat in KDE 4.2. I found it to be
| a very solid desktop, yet with some issues that keep it from 100% perfection.
| I’m happy to say that 4.2 occupies all of the computers that I use, yet there
| are still some serious problems that remain. Last year I did an article
| similar to this one, detailing the things I feel would make the KDE desktop
| rise to a higher level of perfection, and now that KDE 4.2 is released, it’s
| time to do it again.

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