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[News] Firefox 3.5 is Released!

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Mozilla sets Firefox 3.5 final release for Tuesday


Why We’re Excited about Firefox 3.5


Ch-ch-ch-changes: A visual history of Firefox


Firefox Aims to Unplug Scripting Attacks


Firefox 3.5 and the future of the web


Mozilla looking beyond Firefox 3.5



Firefox 3.5 gears up for a possible Tuesday public release

,----[ Quote ]
| Unless someone out there in the community can locate another big bug, Mozilla
| may finally be ready to lift the curtain on its biggest Web browser release
| to date.


Musing about Firefox and the death of IE

,----[ Quote ]
| The only question next is, what'll happen after IE is defeated?  (*laugh*)
| Who cares?  Firefox isn't competing against anyone, except maybe itself.  So
| the death of a major competitor really means nothing in the grand scheme of
| things.


Why Firefox Doesn't Take Google Chrome Features

,----[ Quote ]
| The new release will include a number of new features, but don't expect to
| see many features that were inspired by the new arrival of Google on the Web
| browser scene with its Chrome browser.


Updated Firefox 3.5 release candidate available for download

,----[ Quote ]
| Please note: the Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate is a public preview release
| intended for developer testing and community feedback. It includes many new
| features as well as improvements to performance, web compatibility, and
| speed. We recommend that you read the release notes and known issues before
| installing this release candidate.


Life With A Bleeding-Edge Browser

,----[ Quote ]
| Firefox 3.5 went to public release-candidate status earlier this week. But
| while the whole 3.5 branch was still under wraps, I was sticking my neck out
| and running the bleeding-edge nightly builds of the browser -- and was
| surprised at how un-beta it was.


9 Amazing New Features of Firefox 3.5!

,----[ Quote ]
| Even cooler is how Firefox lets you interact with videos built around the
| open standards. Dubbed Dynamic Content Injection, other images and videos can
| be inserted into specific points of a video in a sort of augmented reality
| fashion. Technically, the same types of tricks can be done in Flash, but it's
| a lot more complex and typically requires the entire page be coded in Flash.


10 Firefox extensions you can't live without

,----[ Quote ]
| Whether you want to speed access to the Web sites you regularly visit, keep
| better tabs on your tabs, or protect your system from potentially dangerous
| active content, there’s a Firefox extension ready to help you out. Jack
| Wallen shares his list of favorite time-saving, browser-enhancing add-ons.


Firefox 3.5 final prepped to ship early next week

,----[ Quote ]
| The Mozilla team made available another release candidate of Firefox 3.5 last
| night.


The World Wins South Korea for Firefox

,----[ Quote ]
| And if you're wondering why it matters anyway that the South Koreans should
| be able to use Firefox and other "non-standard" browsers - don't you just
| love that description? - it's because the country's users have some of the
| fastest broadband connections in the world; that means that new applications
| based on such connectivity may well emerge there first, so it's important
| that open source be available and viable for all kinds of uses.


Mozilla pushes Firefox 3.5 RC to beta testers

,----[ Quote ]
| If you've been using the Firefox 3.5 beta, you now get to upgrade to the
| release candidate for Firefox 3.5.


Firefox 3.5 RC1 emerges

,----[ Quote ]
| The Mozilla developers have released the first release candidate (RC1) of
| version 3.5 of their open source Firefox web browser, code named "Shiretoko".
| The release, currently only available to Firefox 3.5 beta and preview users,
| includes several new features and performance improvements.

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