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[News] Dell and Acer Both Use GNU/Linux in Their Desktop Strategy

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As Dell and Acer Duke it Out, Their Open Source Stances Matter

,----[ Quote ]
| Acer ships its Aspire One netbooks in both Windows and Linux versions. 
| Meanwhile, Dell has a new line of netbooks out, which are available with 
| either Windows or Ubuntu. Dell would like to have the same kind of success 
| that Acer has had in the netbook arena, but that may take time, and Dell is 
| suffering from a punishing business hardware buying environment.    



Dell Studio XPS 13 with Ubuntu Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell have certainly been showing Ubuntu some much needed attention over the
| last few months, and now they have decided to offer a Linux-based operating
| system on their new Dell Studio XPS 13 notebook, this is one of their hottest
| items at the moment.


Dell now offering Studio XPS 13 with Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell's been showing Ubuntu lots of love over the past few months, so it's no
| real shock to see the Linux-based operating system slide on over to Dell's
| hottest (literally and figuratively) 13-incher. The Studio XPS 13 can now be
| ordered with Ubuntu 8.10 or 7.04 right from the factory, though it seems
| you'll be forced to upgrade to Jaunty Jackalope once the rig hits your
| doorstep. Ah well, you won't find us kvetching over added options, so we'll
| just pencil on a smile and raise a glass to diversity at Round Rock.


One Third of Dell Inspiron Mini 9s Sold Run Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell attributes part of the Linux growth to competitive pricing on the Ubuntu
| SKUs. “When you look at the sweet spot for this category it is price
| sensitivity, and Linux enabled us to offer a lower price entry point,” added
| Dell senior product manager John New.

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