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Re: [News] Dell and Acer Both Use GNU/Linux in Their Desktop Strategy

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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As Dell and Acer Duke it Out, Their Open Source Stances Matter

,----[ Quote ]
| Acer ships its Aspire One netbooks in both Windows and Linux versions. | Meanwhile, Dell has a new line of netbooks out, which are available with | either Windows or Ubuntu. Dell would like to have the same kind of success | that Acer has had in the netbook arena, but that may take time, and Dell is | suffering from a punishing business hardware buying environment. `----



Dell Studio XPS 13 with Ubuntu Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell have certainly been showing Ubuntu some much needed attention over the
| last few months, and now they have decided to offer a Linux-based operating
| system on their new Dell Studio XPS 13 notebook, this is one of their hottest
| items at the moment.


Dell now offering Studio XPS 13 with Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell's been showing Ubuntu lots of love over the past few months, so it's no
| real shock to see the Linux-based operating system slide on over to Dell's
| hottest (literally and figuratively) 13-incher. The Studio XPS 13 can now be
| ordered with Ubuntu 8.10 or 7.04 right from the factory, though it seems
| you'll be forced to upgrade to Jaunty Jackalope once the rig hits your
| doorstep. Ah well, you won't find us kvetching over added options, so we'll
| just pencil on a smile and raise a glass to diversity at Round Rock.


One Third of Dell Inspiron Mini 9s Sold Run Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell attributes part of the Linux growth to competitive pricing on the Ubuntu
| SKUs. “When you look at the sweet spot for this category it is price
| sensitivity, and Linux enabled us to offer a lower price entry point,” added
| Dell senior product manager John New.

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My current laptop is a Dell which shipped with Ubuntu. I bought it shortly after Ubuntu Intrepid was released, when they were still shipping with Hardy, and immediately dist-upgraded to Intrepid Ibex, and I've upgraded again, since, to Jaunty Jackalope.

Apart from having to send it in for repair once (fried motherboard, my fault, but got it repaired on warranty anyway) I've had no problems with it, and I hope Linux on OEM desktop/laptop machines becomes a continuing trend.

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