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[News] [Rival] ODF is Winning In Spite of Microsoft's Dirty Manoeuvres

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NL: Minister calls on software developers to fix ODF interoperability [Easy...
just kick Microsoft out!]

,----[ Quote ]
| The Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade, Frank Heemskerk, wants Microsoft, Sun 
| Microsystems, Google, Adobe and open source software developers to work 
| together on interoperability in applications using the Open Document Format 
| (ODF).   
| The minister's opened the ODF Interoperability Workshop that took place in 
| the city of The Hague on Monday last week. "ODF applications must have the 
| right degree of interoperability. We have to come up with a joint course of 
| action for developing effective ODF support in each other's products."   


Microsoft is trying to break ODF:

Difficile de supporter Microsoft quand il supporte ainsi l'ODF


Microsoft Office tries to break ODF


"Productive" Open Document Plugfest

,----[ Quote ]
| The first ODF Plugfest has brought together both corporate and independent 
| developers to test the interoperability of Open Document Format (ODF) 
| documents. As Microsoft showed earlier this year, it is possible to comply 
| with the ODF specification but not offer useful interoperability with other 
| software that reads ODF. The Plugfest, held in the Hague, Netherlands, was 
| initiated by the Dutch government which is promoting the "Three Os", Open 
| Standards, Open Content and Open Source, and is pushing for the adoption of 
| ODF as an open document format. The Plugfest opened with a speech from Frank 
| Heemskerk, the Netherlands' Minister of Foreign Trade, who asked the 
| attendees "to go beyond compliance and help achieve broad-based open 
| standards".          


Plugfest will ODF-Kompatibilität vorantreiben


KOffice Developers At The First ODF Plugfest

,----[ Quote ]
| The first ODF Plugfest was held on the 15th and 16th of June 2009 in the 
| Royal Library in the Netherlands. The meeting was initiated by the Dutch 
| government and the OpenDoc Society. Jos van den Oever, brand new employee of 
| KO GmbH and Sven Langkamp, proud developer, went on behalf of the KOffice 
| team. With over forty organisations and a total of sixty representatives from 
| businesses, public sector organizations, open source projects and research 
| institutions, the meeting was an incredible success.      


Sun launches StarOffice 9 in Arabic


Sun launches StarOffice 9 in Arabic



Why Microsoft Hates - No, *Really* Hates - ODF

,----[ Quote ]
| What this means is that Microsoft is only making big money on its Office
| suite, for whose luxurious margins it must therefore fight tooth and nail.
| Which, judging by its behaviour at the ISO, and some more recent stories, is
| exactly what it is doing in the face of growing pressure from open ODF-based
| alternatives like OpenOffice.org.

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