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Re: [News] [Rival] Mono Can't Handle the Facts and Microsoft Employees Promote It


> On 2009-06-22, Hadron <hadronquark@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Tim Smith <reply_in_group@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> In article <CTM%l.13866$Xw4.12906@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>>>  Chris Ahlstrom <ahlstromc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> Ah, thanks for reminding me about digiKam.  I've been posting photos
>>>> to Google's PicasaWeb using their browser interface, and it sucks
>>>> rocks through a straw.
>>> Have you looked into automating it?
>>> At work a couple years ago, we received reports from various search
>>> engines and ad networks on how our ads were doing. The reports were
>>> available from password and CAPTCHA protected websites that were
>>> designed for a user to surf to, and then fill in a form requesting the
>>> specific report they wanted, and then submit the form to get the
>>> download, or on some a link to the download, or maybe another form to
>>> select the download format and start the download.
>>> We automated this by writing a Firefox plugin. It would get the
>>> CAPTCHAs from the sites that used them, and display them all in one
>>> page so the user could solve them all and then walk away, then it
>>> would go login to all the pages, fill out all the forms to ask for the
>>> right reports for that day, jump through the hoops to get to the
>>> actual download pages, and do the downloads.
>>> I bet you could do something similar--and it would give you an excuse
>>> to play with Firefox plugin development.
>> I'm rather surprised that "advocates" don't seem to know that the
>> excellent Picasa beta automates the upload to Picasa Web.
>> it's so easy even Liarnut could figure it out.
> What makes you think that a Linux "advocate" would be interested in
> downloading a separate application just to enable a web site feature
> that should be readily available anyways?

Especially when a similar feaure is already present in a native linux app 
(digikam) which has (surprise) features quite similar to Picasa.

Not that Picasa is bad, it isn't. It is fine done. And it is one of the 
applications which proves that the winretards claims of "wine being slow" 
is bullshit to the extreme.

And when you replace the wine-port in it with Sym-links to a full wine 
install, it gets even the updates of wine automatically (works fine that 

I have Picasa installed, but find that I use it very little lately as 
digikam is providing the same features I need (and then some).
FLASH!  Intelligence of mankind decreasing.  Details at ... uh, when
the little hand is on the ....

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