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[News] Lawmaker Wants to Block Tiered Web with New Law

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Lawmaker Unveils Anti-Metered Billing Law

,----[ Quote ]
| Prompted by Time Warner Cable's botched attempt to force low caps and metered 
| billing on its customers, Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) today unveiled 
| the "Broadband Internet Fairness Act" (HR 2902), legislation aimed at 
| protecting consumers from unreasonable broadband overage charges. Massa, 
| prompted by consumer complaints, stepped up during the Time Warner Cable 
| kerfuffle to call the effort an "outrageous, job killing initiative."     



BT Throttling Online Video For Competitive, Not Congestion, Reasons

,----[ Quote ]
| Case in point? BT. The British telco is starting to heavily throttle all
| video -- especially the BBC's online video player. This is the same BT, by
| the way, that just two years ago was saying there was no need to traffic
| shape or break net neutrality, and that it could handle all traffic issues
| with basic upgrades. So what happened? Well, it appears BT didn't like the
| competition from online video providers, so it decided to pretend it needed
| to do this for congestion purposes.


Bell Canada Shuts Down Crappy Video Store That No One Used... But It's Still

,----[ Quote ]
| Apparently, it took all of a year for Bell Canada to realize that it wasn't
| getting any use whatsoever, and Joe McEnaney points out that Bell Canada has
| quietly shut down the site... though, it's still throttling traffic from
| resellers. Maybe, next time, instead of trying to limit competitors and offer
| something crappy, Bell could spend its resources investing in bandwidth. That
| would have made everyone a lot happier.


Cable group turns net neutrality around over ISP access fees

,----[ Quote ]
| Small cable operators say they worried about content providers charging
| ISPs "discriminatory" access fees, which they say Disney does with
| ESPN360.com. They want the FCC to stop the practice before it spreads,
| turning the arguments about net neutrality in the other direction.


CDT Confident Next FCC Chair Recognizes Importance of Open Internet Policy

,----[ Quote ]
| WASHINGTON -- According to news reports, President-elect Barack Obama will
| soon name Julius Genachowski to head the Federal Communications Commission.


Kevin Martin Opposes Regulating Internet Content?

,----[ Quote ]
| A significant part of FCC Chairman Kevin Martin's legacy will be the moves he
| made -- and tried to make -- to crack down on indecency while he was in
| power. The FCC went after TV broadcasters with much more vigor than under
| previous leaders, trying to impose big fines for "indecent" content, many of
| which got smacked down later by courts. Martin himself was a major advocate
| of a la carte cable plans, in which consumers could simply pay for individual
| channels, rather than bundles.


WSJ Accuses Google of Abandoning Net Neutrality: Reality Check

,----[ Quote ]
| The Wall Street Journal specifically attacks Google's OpenEdge project as a
| means by which Google can have its own content given bandwidth priority over
| other web sites. Before we go into a terrified panic that Google is
| abandoning Net neutrality for its own nefarious purposes, how about we look
| at what OpenEdge actually does.


Indian Court Wants To Ban Google Earth In The Wake Of Mumbai Attacks

,----[ Quote ]
| However, an Indian Court is now calling for the software to be banned saying
| that it "aids terrorists." Of course, so do maps or photographs of hotels,
| such as those placed online by the hotels themselves, but people aren't
| overreacting and calling for a ban of those things as well. Yes, we can
| understand the kneejerk reaction here, and the anger over these horrific
| attacks. But, banning Google Earth isn't the answer.

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