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[News] Glimpse at OpenOffice.org in Education

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OpenOffice.org in Education: Using OpenOffice.org for Entrepreneurial Training

,----[ Quote ]
| When OpenOffice.org usage in education is discussed, it is often thought of 
| in the context of using it for courses in office management, introductory 
| computing courses enrolled by both IT and non-IT majors, primary and K-12 
| technology courses and perhaps even english composition courses. However, 
| there are many other educational programs where OpenOffice.org is ideal, some 
| of which are often overlooked.     


OpenOffice.Org KDE4 Integration



UI Design Proposals Wrap Up and a Look Forward

,----[ Quote ]
| The Project Renaissance goal is "to know and to understand our users as they
| are, and to help them accomplish what they want to, by providing efficient
| access to valuable functionality through a desirable user interface."
| [...]
| After five weeks of design work and review, we can also provide other
| impressive numbers.
| All in all, 17 proposals were submitted and reviewed by our brilliant and
| creative community members. Please note that "creative" refers to information
| architecture--- graphics design is outside our current focus.
| They contain a total of 145 user interface design mockups. (Wow!)


OpenOffice.org 3.1: Better Performance

,----[ Quote ]
| The 3.0 release of OpenOffice left some issues in the productivity suite.
| This new version makes a good job of fixing them
| It's been less than a year since Sun Microsystems’ OpenOffice.org hit its
| major 3.0 release, but the next version of the open-source, cross-platform
| productivity suite is already available, complete with a slate of feature
| enhancements and performance tweaks.


Three nice new features for Writer, in OpenOffice.org 3.1

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm going to be going over the 3.1 features in the next few blogs. Here are a
| few that are just nice -- not groundbreaking but very nice, convenient
| changes that making interacting and collaborating easier. The third just
| makes slight annoyances go away a little more easily.

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