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[News] MAFIAA Censorship/Web Abuse in Europe Leads to Some Backlash

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Save the European Internet – Write to Your MEPs (Again)

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week I was urging you to write to a particular set of MEPs about 
| proposed changes to the Telecoms Package, which is wending its slow way 
| through the European Union's legislative system. Now it's time to write to 
| *all* you MEPs, since a crucially important vote in a couple of committees is 
| to take place tomorrow. You can read more about what's been happening and why 
| that's a problem on the La Quadrature du Net site, which also offers a 
| detailed analysis of the Telecom Package and the proposed amendments.      


Telecoms Package: the good, the bad and the ugly 

,----[ Quote ]
| Members of European Parliament's IMCO and ITRE committees vote on Tuesday on 
| the Telecoms Package amendments. They have had little time to consider them, 
| let alone to analyse and determine their meaning.  



Music copyright to be extended to 95 years

,----[ Quote ]
| Copyright term for music recordings must be extended from 50 years to 95
| years, says legislation approved on Thursday by the Legal Affairs Committee.
| Increasing the term of copyright protection would ensure that performers and
| producers continue to receive royalties for 95 years from the first
| publication or performance of their song, according to a Commission proposal
| backed by the committee.


Does ACTA Secrecy Violate European Law?

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the most problematic aspects of the negotiations around ACTA, the
| Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, is how the entire process has been
| shrouded in secrecy. Those involved in the process try to brush off this
| complaint by saying something along the lines of "but we always negotiate
| treaties this way!" but that's hardly a good reason to do so -- especially
| when the impact of ACTA could be wide ranging.


the fight against term extension, continued (in Europe)

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's 4:51 from the Open Rights Group on the proposal to extend the
| copyright term for sound recordings in Europe. (Recall, we extended our term
| to match the Europeans, but then, surprise surprise, we actually overshot the
| Europeans in important categories, leading the Europeans now to argue they
| need to extend the term to match the Americans.)


ACTA Negotiators Hold Closed Door Meeting To Say They Need To Be More

,----[ Quote ]
| One of our biggest complaints with ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade
| Agreement that was initially written by the entertainment industry, and is
| being used to effectively sneak through new copyright law requirements around
| the world (every time you hear an industry supporter claim that copyright
| laws must be changed to live up to "international obligations" you know
| they're leaving out the part where it was the same industry that wrote those
| international treaties), is that the whole thing is being negotiated in
| secret.


EU Council refuses to release secret ACTA documents

,----[ Quote ]
| Heaven forbid that these consumers turn out to be also citizens that want to
| have a say in what their buying power is being exchanged for. After all, they
| might think that criminalising themselves in case they put a home movie of
| their children dancing to Britney Spears' latest song on Youtube might not be
| such a good idea. Paying higher subscription fees for Internet access so that
| Internet Service Providers can install filtering devices resulting in lower
| speeds and censored web access may not sound very attractive either. And
| neither does giving patent trolls free reign, with compliments of the various
| governments.

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