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[News] Programming with Java Can Benefit from IBM, Eclipse Milestones

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Competitors: IBM-Sun Would Be Good for Java

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat is a member of the JCP Executive Committee which oversees the JCP. 
| Sharples notes that what drives many of Red Hat's contributions is the desire 
| to make Java simpler to use for more people while retaining the power of the 
| platform. JBoss contributions to the JCP include EJB 3 (nterprise java 
| beans), Web Beans, Seam Framework and Hibernate.    


EclipseSource Introduces Security for Open Source Downloads

,----[ Quote ]
| EclipseSource, the leading provider of Eclipse runtime products and services, 
| today announced Yoxos SecureSource, a subscription-based service that 
| provides secure access to a repository of certified open source plug-ins. The 
| new service provides development teams with secured, reliable access to an 
| uncompromised and consistent code base and is designed to alleviate concerns 
| about source code authenticity and origin.     


Aptana Unveils Cloud Integration for Java and Eclipse

,----[ Quote ]
| Aptana, Inc., today announced the immediate availability of Java support in 
| its application hosting and life-cycle management service, Aptana Cloud 
| Connect(TM). Aptana Cloud Connect is architected to integrate with both 
| leading cloud hosting providers and Aptana Studio, the popular open source 
| web development IDE that also plugs into Eclipse. By integrating directly 
| with Eclipse via Aptana Studio, Aptana Cloud Connect delivers unprecedented 
| efficiency for authoring, deploying and managing Java, Ruby on Rails, PHP, 
| and other types of web applications running in cloud data centers.       



Jetty moves to Eclipse

,----[ Quote ]
| Some components, developed under the umbrella of the Jetty project, have been
| spun out into their own projects, or become modules with their own release
| cycles. For example, the cometD implementation has moved from Jetty's contrib
| repository to the Dojo Foundations cometd.org project.

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