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[News] Suggestions for Making GNU/Linux Even More Exciting

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Five things every Linux distribution should do 

,----[ Quote ]
| I've started using Linux with Redhat 6.2, which was released in 2000. The 
| list of popular distributions available back then was limited to Redhat, 
| Mandriva, SUSE, Debian and Slackware. The search for 'Active' distributions 
| on distrowatch listed 296 distributions as of today.   
| People choose different distributions based on the popularity, localization, 
| recommendation etc. The explosion in the number of distributions increased 
| the chance of getting a more personalized Linux but this resulted in lack of 
| standards among the distributions as every distribution started using 
| different package management/hardware detection/configuration tools.     


Of desktop environments and window managers



French Lawmakers Hope to Inspire Linux Revolution

,----[ Quote ]
| If the French National Assembly gets its way, the open-source Linux operating
| system will take over the governments of Europe, seizing on a weak economy to
| displace Windows.
| About 18 months ago, the Assembly shifted from running Windows on the 1,100
| computers of its members and their assistants to running a version of Linux
| called Ubuntu. (I profiled the rise of Ubuntu in a recent article.) According
| to Rudy Salles, vice president of the assembly, the decision to abandon
| Microsoft’s Windows software was both an economic and political gesture.
| The French Parliament should save about 500,000 euros over the next five
| years, thanks to the low price of Ubuntu –- free –- and have lower management
| costs. Linux tends to have fewer security issues than Windows, for example.

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