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[News] Some More New Software for GNU/Linux Desktop and Smartphones

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New releases catch-up

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's some recent updates for those of you too busy to hit F5 on Freshmeat 
| every 10 seconds. Ardour 2.8 is now available featuring track and bus 
| templates, distributable VST support and AudioUnit state saving -- stuff 
| which has to be cool if you're into digital audio. Gnumeric 1.9.5 brings 
| everyone's favourite non-OOo spreadsheet closer to 2.0 with bugfixes en 
| masse, while HardInfo 0.5 displays a shedload more details about your system, 
| and remains the essential fact-gathering tool when you need to get Linux 
| help. Some more updates after the break       


D2 Technologies' mCUE(TM) Adds Support for IBM(R) Lotus(R) Sametime(R) on Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| D2 Technologies, the market leader in embedded IP communications software 
| platforms, today announced that its mCUE(TM) converged mobile communications 
| client software is now interoperable with IBM(R) Lotus(R) Sametime(R), 
| today's most widely deployed unified communications (UC) platform in the 
| enterprise. Through this native support, D2's mCUE achieves increased 
| versatility and better promotes the use of Linux-based mobile devices in 
| enterprise UC scenarios. In turn, OEMs and ODMs can now use mCUE's converged 
| presence-based communications user interface (CUI) to more quickly develop 
| and introduce to market new mobile devices that integrate all session types, 
| including cellular voice call, VoIP, IM, SMS and email messaging.          



Desktop Linux: I'm Here for the Apps

,----[ Quote ]
| The best and the worst attributes of Linux as a desktop operating system
| involve acquiring and maintaining software applications. For me, the
| positives outweigh the negatives, making Linux the best desktop operating
| system option I've encountered, and the one I choose at work and at home.
| If Linux is to pile up more desktop adherents, the vendors and communities
| that back the open-source platform need to work together to accentuate those
| positives and shrink down the negative aspects of getting and managing
| software on Linux.


10 Essential Applications Included in Kubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope

,----[ Quote ]
| While I agree that there are applications for KDE 4.2 which still lack
| several important features (like for example the equalizer and ability to go
| to the previous/next song using the tag editor in Amarok), I must say that it
| also improved very much since the last time I had a look at it. It is
| definitely faster, the desktop looks nicer, it does not seem a beta
| environment any more.

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