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[News] [Rival] 'Microsoft Press' Heralds Collapse of Microsoft

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Inside Microsoft's Worst Hard Time

,----[ Quote ]
| There were two huge numbers in this quarter. Microsoft suffered a decline in 
| client revenue of 8 percent, which the company attributed to PC market 
| weakness and a continued shift to lower-cost netbooks.   


Microsoft's January layoffs took effect today

,----[ Quote ]
| Some individuals have reported being laid off since the initial announcement. 
| It's not clear whether the company will let people go in dribs and drabs or 
| make another large layoff announcement. Microsoft wouldn't comment on this 
| today.   


Iowa governor trolling for Microsoft facility

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft announced in August that the $500 million data center was to be 
| built in West Des Moines, Iowa. But a significant economic downturn followed, 
| and in January, Microsoft cut 5,000 jobs and postponed the project.  
| [...]
| West Des Moines City Manager Jeff Pomerantz got the news of the postponement 
| from Microsoft in January. He said at the time that the company hadn't given 
| the city a timeline of when the project will resume.  


Microsoft again delays identity management server 

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is again delaying the release of the anticipated upgrade to its 
| Identity Lifecycle Manager 2.0 software that has been years in development. 
| The software is now slated to ship between January and March 2010, a slip 
| that has angered some partners and users. 



Microsoft Flight Sim grounded by redundancies

,----[ Quote ]
| On the Venturebeat blog, Dean Takahashi notes "In the past year or so,
| Microsoft has shut down or divested itself of a lot of its hit-making
| studios. It recently decided to close Ensemble Studios, maker of the Age of
| Empires strategy games, and spun out Bungie, the maker of Halo games."


Ensemble alums assemble Robot Entertainment

,----[ Quote ]
| Shortly after the announced the move, Age of Empires creator Bruce Shelley
| took to his blog to explain Microsoft's financially motivated rationale for
| closing Ensemble. As part of his post, he revealed that a portion of
| Ensemble's leadership team had plans to set up a new development outfit,
| headed up by current studio chief and founder Tony Goodman.


Microsoft's Razorfish Cuts Another 70 (MSFT)

,----[ Quote ]
| Fresh layoffs at Microsoft-owned (MSFT) ad agency Razorfish, with 70
| employees being let go (4% of the workforce) in Seattle, Portland, San Fran,
| and LA. That follows thousands of layoffs at Microsoft generally, and 40
| positions cut from Razorfish in New York in November.


Microsoft should have made deeper cuts, analysts contend

,----[ Quote ]
| The unprecedented layoffs and other cutbacks announced yesterday by Microsoft
| haven't appeased Wall Street. Microsoft shares are down more than 6 percent
| since the news came out, and some analysts assert that the company needed to
| go much further.

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