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[News] [Rival] Microsoft's Dead Departments Speak Out

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Q&A: Rippy on sparking Bonfire, disbanding Ensemble

,----[ Quote ]
| In September, Microsoft announced that it would be shutting down its wholly 
| owned development house Ensemble Studios. The move coincided with the 
| software giant's announcement that it was shedding 5,000 jobs to help cope 
| with the worldwide economic slowdown. Like a shock of cold water, the 
| announcement rippled down the collective spines of the industry, as it proved 
| that no developer, no matter how venerable or prestigious, was safe from the 
| worsening global financial meltdown.      



Vista is doomed

,----[ Quote ]
| AS MICROSOFT goes into this week's Professional Developer Conference, it is
| hard to find anyone keen to talk about Vista. True, it is a developer's
| forum, so you would expect a fair slice of the talk to focus on Windows 7,
| but it seems that no one wants to mention the V word, according to Microsoft
| Watch.


Microsoft lobbyist using TBT for legal threats

,----[ Quote ]
| Jan van den Beld, who was promoting OpenXML at the Geneva BRM for CompTIA, a 
| well know Microsoft lobby group, is using the Technical Barriers to Trade WTO 
| treaty for legal threats to governments:  
|     He also advised governments against mandating just one electronic 
|     document standard as it may run foul of World Trade Organization policies 
|     and open themselves to possible legal challenges. "One of the big 
|     concerns of WTO is that you should not use standards as a barrier to 
|     trade," he said.    
|     "If a government enforces [use of just one standard], that would mean the 
|     whole country is not allowed to use OpenXML. Then, they could get into a 
|     very difficult legal situation as they can be challenged legally," 
|     opinioned van den Beld.   


The commercial value of ISO privileged access

,----[ Quote ]
| Jan van den Beld 'sents love letters' to the ISO system and leaches out 
| against parties who want to appeal. 


Return of the Living Dead - Brainless Attack on MoSTI - Part Deux!!!

,----[ Quote ]
| I dont know what the attraction is, but somehow we all love the morbid 
| fascination of Zombies in action. First, Microsoft^H^H^H^H^HCompTIA hires Mr 
| Jan van der Beld, Ex-Ecma Secretary General, to fly all the way here in KL, 
| for an event supposedly about "good multiple standards".  There he challenges 
| us to find a better way to Fast Track large, immature vendor dependent 
| specifications. The answer is of course: "Don't do it." Later on that same 
| day, like a man possessed, he turns up at a PIKOM meeting only to rant and 
| thump tables.       
| Then today, in our fantastic broadsheet turned tabloid "The New Straits 
| Times" features a "Comment" by our so called "cooler head" Datuk Dr Mohd 
| Ariffin Aton entitled "Walking the Talk on neutrality policy". If you've 
| forgotten about him, you may be forgiven, but he is or rather WAS the CEO if 
| SIRIM Bhd.     


Former ECMA Sec. Gen challenges ISO/BRM critics to create a better process

,----[ Quote ]
| "If people say this whole ISO process is lousy, out of date and doesn't work 
| anymore or is broken, I challenge anybody to make a new worldwide process," 
| van den Beld told PC World while in Australia working for the Computing 
| Technology Industry Association.    


And the award goes to... (top 10 worst Ecma responses)

,----[ Quote ]
| If there are awards to be given to categories of worst dispositions provided 
| by Ecma in response to comments by National Bodies for the OOXML balotting on 
| 2 September 2007, then the ODF Alliance's list of top 10 (plus 1 bonus!) is a 
| good one. The categories are:   
|     10. Worst Ignored Request
|     9. Worst non-Answer
|     8. Worst use of XML
|     7. Worst Introduction of Security Holes
|     6. Worst 'Back Door' Tactic


Give us the password!

,----[ Quote ]
| What is needed now is the public and unconditional access to the works of the 
| TC 45. What is needed now is for the Ecma to give the password to their page. 
| Give us the password!  


A Peek Behind the Ecma OOXML Curtain

,----[ Quote ]
| A particularly contentious issue has been whether Ecma is trying to make it 
| as easy as possible, or is trying to make it as difficult as possible while 
| still scoring PR points, for interested parties to view proposed dispositions  
| of comments, and whether it does, or does not, have the latitude under ISO 
| rules to be more transparent. The fairly opaque, and sometimes contradictory 
| nature of those rules, has not made the debate any easier, and gives rise to 
| the possibility of confusion, at best, and serious mistakes, at worst, as 
| Pamela Jones pointed out at Groklaw this morning.      
| The result is that there will be very little real data available to the 
| general public until Ecma opens the curtains on January 19. And the import of 
| what little data does become available is usually the subject of instant 
| disagreement.   

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