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The Microsoft Dictionary Released

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The Microsoft-English Dictionary 1.5  

,----[ Quote ]
| Legal, Marketing, and Internet Community Terms
|     "BSD License" - (1)(n) - A form open source license that is acceptable to 
|     Microsoft because it permits Microsoft to integrate BSD licensed products 
|     and charge money for them without releasing source code (e.g. the Windows 
|     95 TCP/IP stack). (Stross.)   
|     "Cancer" - (1)(n) - Microsoft metaphor describing Linux and the open 
|     source software movement. In reality, the term best describes Microsoft's 
|     own products, starting off small and then growing, spreading, and usually 
|     having negative effects on its host, often requiring software "doctors" 
|     and utilities to restore or recover such problems. Like cancer in the 
|     human body, many hosts have been disabled or killed by such organisims. 
|     See also "Swap Files" and "Temp Files."      
|     "Community Service" - (1)(v) - Microsoft process of flooding K-12 schools 
|     with its products - under the guise of 'community service' - that costs 
|     the schools very little but creates legions of adults that only know 
|     Microsoft products, thus creating thousands of new, paying users. (2)
|     (v) - The process used by Microsoft to 'donate' software to schools but 
|     not provide information on if, when, or how recipients will be forced to 
|     upgrade or license future products, thus trapping more educational 
|     institutions in Microsoft's grip. (Lewis)       
|     "Consent Decree" - (1)(n) - Court orders requiring a company to behave in 
|     a certain manner, usually as part of a court-ordered punishment. (2)(n) - 
|     Something akin to a "no-no note" that Microsoft routinely chooses to 
|     ignore while proceeding with its overly-aggressive business practices.   
|     "Cross-Platform" - (1)(n) - Industry standard definition for a product 
|     that runs on multiple computing environments (See "Platform"). (2)(n) - 
|     Microsoft's marketing term used to mean a product that runs on any of 
|     Microsoft's 'platforms.' (e.g., Microsoft's Java is 'cross-platform' 
|     since it runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, and XP.)     

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