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[News] New Software for GNU/Linux and Other Killer Applications

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Nixstaller 0.5: Installation Assistant for Linux and Co. 

,----[ Quote ]
| The new dependency manager establishes the installation configuration and 
| installs said configurations according to the user’s wish. With the new UTF-8 
| support, the project has expanded software localization. At the user’s 
| specification, Nixstaller is capable of incorporating the user’s given 
| application software language. Among the new additions is the current option 
| to incorporate an autonomous installation process that does not require user 
| interaction.       


Adobe Reader 9.1 for Linux 

,----[ Quote ]
| The new version 9.1 of Adobe Reader brings some improvements regarding the 
| command line interface and printing features. 
| Adobe now provides its PDF reader in a Linux version for 9.1. The release 
| plugs some security holes and provides a few new features. Among them is 
| tabbed viewing of multiple PDFs and detaching them to separate windows. The 
| software also has a faster launch and performance and more intuitive user 
| interfaces.     


Scribus and Linux and Comic Strips!

,----[ Quote ]
| Enter Scribus!  Scribus is a terrific open source desktop publishing program 
| that can do any kind of page layout. Scribus has a nice selection of vector 
| drawing tools (rectangles, circles, etc.) I simply design the comic strip 
| using Scribus' drawing tools.  I use rectangles to create comic panels, text 
| tools to lay in the title and copyright, and other rectangular drawing tools 
| to create light blue lettering guides.     


I just had an Epiphany

,----[ Quote ]
| So yeah, if you’re using Firefox with a dozen extensions, stick with it. But 
| if you don’t, and you wish your favourite browser would boot faster, look 
| better, or use less memory…don’t look any further. You’ll love Epiphany.  



Sneak Preview of Adobe Reader 9.x on Linux and Solaris x86

,----[ Quote ]
| The wait is, well, almost over. Here's a sneak preview of the upcoming 9.x
| version of Adobe Reader for Linux and Solaris x86 platforms. You read that
| right - the 9.x version of the Reader will be available on Solaris x86 and
| OpenSolaris platforms, in addition to Linux!

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