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[News] Comparison Between Popular GNU/Linux Desktop Environments (GNOME/KDE)

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GNOME vs. KDE: Which Has the Evolutionary Advantage?

,----[ Quote ]
| In all the controversies -- both the real ones and those imagined by 
| journalists -- what has been lost is the exact nature of what KDE has been 
| doing. When the free desktop quietly came to match the functionality of its 
| rivals, the GNOME team decided to be content with maintenance and minor 
| additions. However, the KDE team decided to try to take the lead in desktop 
| development. KDE became a project with vision -- a vision that has gone 
| largely unnoticed, but one that GNOME so far has been unable to match.      



We Won't Leave You Behind...

,----[ Quote ]
| Both features will be available with KDE 4.3. Have fun!


GNOME 2.26: Fast & Stable, But Light On The New Features

,----[ Quote ]
| As I’ve used GNOME 2.26, I tried hard to find new things to make the overall
| release notable, but unfortunately I couldn’t really find anything exciting.
| Don’t get me wrong, GNOME is not a horrible desktop by any means; it’s fast,
| stable and gets the job done. However, this new release likely will not do
| much to convince users of other desktop environments to make the switch.


Five Improvements For KDE 4.3

,----[ Quote ]
| The new year has already brought us a nice treat in KDE 4.2. I found it to be
| a very solid desktop, yet with some issues that keep it from 100% perfection.
| I’m happy to say that 4.2 occupies all of the computers that I use, yet there
| are still some serious problems that remain. Last year I did an article
| similar to this one, detailing the things I feel would make the KDE desktop
| rise to a higher level of perfection, and now that KDE 4.2 is released, it’s
| time to do it again.


Straight from KDE 4.2.60 (KDE 4.3 trunk)

,----[ Quote ]
| I guess this is everything for this week, as you can see KMail is pretty
| useful, easy to set up (if you use the first run wizard) and, with some
| tweaks here and there, you can get a impressively clean, uncluttered, yet,
| useful interface :-)

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