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[News] Collaboration Around Free Software Leads the Way in Other Fields Too

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Hackertopia and Piracy, Inc.

,----[ Quote ]
| What an opportune time for Open Source to surge ahead. The increasing 
| maturity of open source software has won over many holdouts, and the 
| recession has driven many towards open source software to cut costs. Yet, 
| software is merely the vanguard of the immense Open Source movement. There 
| are countless projects in the fields of music, art, food, electronics, beer, 
| automobiles, sanitation, tractors, you name it.     


OpEd: The Future of Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Erik suggests this will drive productivity and shift developers' orientation 
| from features to application composition, and programming from the creation 
| of features to the creation of the "glue code" that binds together pre-built 
| components. I think he's quite right.   
| In fact, we're seeing this future play out every day as software developers 
| face an embarrassment of riches in community-contributed languages, 
| frameworks and components.   



DOD launches site to develop open-source software

,----[ Quote ]
| Defense Department officials have launched a new Web site where developers
| can work on open-source software projects specifically for DOD, David
| Mihelcic, the chief technology officer for the Defense Information Systems
| Agency (DISA), said today.
| The new site, named Forge.mil, is based on the public site SourceForge.net
| which hosts thousands of open-source projects, Mihelcic said at an AFCEA
| Washington chapter lunch in Arlington, Va.


Open Collaboration within Corporations Using Software Forges

,----[ Quote ]
| Over the past 10 years, open source software has become an important
| cornerstone of the software industry. Commercial users have adopted it in
| standalone applications, and software vendors are embedding it in products.
| Surprisingly then, from a commercial perspective, open source software is
| developed differently from how corporations typically develop software.
| Research into how open source works has been growing steadily [1]. One driver
| of such research is the desire to understand how commercial software
| development could benefit from open source best practices. Do some of these
| practices also work within corporations? If so, what are they, and how can we
| transfer them?

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