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[News] All Kids in the UK Pushed Towards Free Software/Linux-based Sites

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Open source, Twitter and narcissm

,----[ Quote ]
| The Guardian said the draft review requires primary school children to be 
| familiar with blogging, podcasts, Wikipedia and Twitter as sources of 
| information and forms of communication.   
| [...]
| But from this FOSS bloggist's view-point it's all a bit confusing: on one 
| hand, congrats to Sir Jim for his modernity and open-sourcity. Twitter, 
| Facebook, Wikipedia. All Free*, Open Source software innovations (or at least 
| powered by the LAMP/LAPP stack). I salute him.   



Go Open, Obama and Save Us Some Money!

,----[ Quote ]
| The Obama campaign web site that revolutionized online politics was created
| with web tools that are not owned by any company. They are open source. The
| new administration web sites -- www.whitehouse.gov, and www.recovery.gov --
| are also crafted with open, free tools.
| Obama should direct the federal government to use hosted and free tools
| across all branches of government. This will save the government a LOT of
| money and make it much easier to share this info on the web.
| Instead of using Microsoft Office, if government documents were created in
| Openoffice.org, Google Docs (which is not open source, but is free) or other
| hosted and open sites, we could all get access right away to important
| government information. Microsoft Office no longer makes sense in a world
| that is sharing information on the web rather than in print.

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