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[News] Microsoft Ridiculed for Attacks on Open Source, Posturing

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Microsoft: Judge us by our deeds on open source


Microsoft's many open-source faces

,----[ Quote ]
| What the !%!%!% is going on? Has Microsoft listened to itself lately?
| Of course it has. Microsoft is simply going through growing pains as it 
| learns to adapt to the open-source friendly world in which it lives. Any big 
| company will both compete with and collaborate with open-source software, and 
| Microsoft is no exception. What we're witnessing is the natural 
| inconsistencies made public through Microsoft's efforts to get open source 
| right.     


Microsoft is like SCO when trying to play the open source spiel... or Sun
with 'Open'Solaris. Goodbye, Microsoft.


TomTom countersues Microsoft in patent dispute

,----[ Quote ]
| TomTom has responded to Microsoft's patent suit by filing a patent claim of
| its own against the software maker.
| The GPS device maker, based in the Netherlands, filed the countersuit in the
| U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia on Thursday.


TomTom Linux impact light hit so far

,----[ Quote ]
| I don’t necessarily see the same effect from the TomTom suit since, at least
| publicly, Microsoft is not making the case that it is Linux on the line. I
| can report that there does not seem to be any slowdown or hesitation in the
| embrace of Linux for embedded devices. Perhaps that is the reason that
| Microsoft has chosen to play down any implications for Linux and open source,
| rather than puff them up as it has done in the past. If Microsoft or anyone
| else challenges the IP integrity of the Linux OS, it is likely to reinforce
| the idea that the open source software is legitimate, licensed, covered by
| copyright, and absolutely appropriate for enterprise, embedded and other
| commercial uses, at least that’s what history tells us.


Experts: Microsoft's FAT licensing terms might violate GPL

,----[ Quote ]
| Under the original FAT licensing program, pricing was US$0.25 per unit with a
| cap on total royalties of $250,000 per manufacturer, according to what had
| been posted on Microsoft’s website from 2003 to July 2006. A Microsoft
| spokesperson could not explain why they were removed or whether those terms
| were applicable to the 18 agreements outlined in the lawsuit.


Microsoft sues TomTom over FAT patents

,----[ Quote ]
| The underlying strategy is very obvious: Make those patent licenses high
| enough to reduce the cost advantage of a Linux based OS over Windows CE and
| thereby demotivate companies from using Linux in the embedded world.
| This has so far happened behind closed doors, but if you google you can find
| a couple of strange press releases of Asian companies buying into those MS
| patent deals for Linux.
| [...]
| I myself, as well as numerous other people in the Free and Open Source world
| are asking themselves how this legal action fits into the
| Microsoft-proclaimed Free Software friendly strategy. As you can see now,
| that was nothing but vapor.

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