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[News] Red Hat Proves That Economic Trouble Lifts Free(dom) Software

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Red Hat: recession is good for our business

,----[ Quote ]
| The global economic downturn has compelled a growing number of companies to 
| search for ways to reduce IT costs. Uptake of open source software is 
| climbing in this environment, which means more opportunities for the 
| companies that have built their businesses around the open source Linux 
| platform.    
| Red Hat, one of the most prominent commercial Linux vendors, reported its 
| quarterly earnings Thursday and revealed that its total annual revenue was 
| $652 million, an increase of 25 percent over the previous year. Subscriptions 
| to Red Hat's commercial support service, which accounts for $541 million of 
| that revenue, were up 20 percent. Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst, a former Delta 
| Airlines COO who joined Red Hat in 2007, cites the recession as a factor that 
| has contributed to the company's success.      



Red Hat returns to the Linux desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Does this mean that Red Hat will be getting back into the Linux desktop
| business? That's the question I posed to Red Hat CTO Brian Stevens, in a
| phone call after the Red Hat/KVM press conference, and he told me that, "Yes.
| Red Hat will indeed be pushing the Linux desktop again."


Red Hat Fedora Claims It's the Leader in Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat's Fedora community Linux distribution has now tallied its user base,
| and it's a number that on the surface would make it the largest installed
| base of any Linux distribution, with at least 9.5 million users and possibly
| as many as 10.5 million.

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