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[News] Sneak Peek at Kubuntu Linux 9.0.4 (Beta)

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Kubuntu 9.0.4 ScreenShots Beta

,----[ Quote ]
| Here is my first of many ScreenShots of the 9.0.4  beta Jaunty Jackalope 
| series of ubuntu Based Distros. Enjoy the screen shots below... 



Wow! Kubuntu looks very nice!

,----[ Quote ]
| If you’ve never used KDE on your PC before, it will take some time to load
| all the way to the desktop on the very first run.  I believe it sets up all
| the menus and shortcuts for all the installed software.  If you log off and
| log back into KDE, all the logins (and the  splash screen) will load a lot
| faster...


My Experiences With Ubuntu 9.04 So Far

,----[ Quote ]
| Kubuntu 9.04 is due out in April, and as always, I couldn’t help but to start
| testing it early and get a good look at what we will be expecting come
| release day. I’ve been using Jaunty for a little over a month now, and I
| thought I’d share some of my experiences. In summary, if things keep going
| the way they are now, Jaunty will be the one to watch out for this year.


Adventures In External Media With Kubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| My new ASUS X83-VM laptop has a very capable, whisper-quiet 320 GB SATA
| drive. For some jobs, like storing my photos, that disk simply isn't big
| enough. It was time to look at external USB media options. Good thing the new
| machine has five USB 2.0 ports.
| After successfully installing Kubuntu (kernel version: 2.6.27-11-generic,
| 64-bit), I searched all over for information about hooking up an external IDE
| USB drive to recover data from the 2.5 inch disk out of my dead HP Pavilion
| laptop. I also thought that a 500 GB Western Digital MyBook might work for
| photo storage duty. Alas, I couldn't find diddly. There was much speculation,
| but nothing saying "yes, these things work with Linux".


Kubuntu 8.10 vs Mepis 7.9.94 vs Puppy 4.1.2

,----[ Quote ]
| Okay, how about a smack down between 3 of my favorite distros?  Okay, Kubuntu
| is not my favorite as this is the first time I’ve tried it, but it is a
| biggy.  I have ragged and ragged on Ubuntu even though I have tried to like
| it.  I do prefer KDE, so I’m going to give that an honest look and see if
| that warms me up to the Ubuntu brand.  I’m pitting this distro giant against
| Mepis which has been a fav of mine since discovering Linux and is responsible
| for me falling for KDE.  The release I’m running is 7.9.94 which is the RC1
| of 8.0.  Not quite as stable or developed so the advantage goes here to
| Kubuntu before we even start.  Puppy has been my light weight fav for a long
| time and is an odd one out in this little comparison.  But we’ll see how well
| this little distro measures up.  Since I’m running totally off of live CD’s,
| Puppy actually gets an advantage as it runs totally in RAM.


Kubuntu 8.10 'Intrepid Ibex' Beta Screenshots Tour

,----[ Quote ]
| I took these screenshots using a Kubuntu Intrepid Beta installation after
| performing a full dist-upgrade, at 1280x1024, with the nVIDIA 173 driver
| installed. I left all the settings in applications default, but I had to make
| fonts smaller and resize windows (in Konqueror for example), because they
| didn't look very well as default. The default theme used is Oxygen.

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