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[News] Free/Open Source Software Survey Unveiled

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2009 'Future of Open Source' Annual Survey Results Announced

,----[ Quote ]
| At OSBC, a panel of top experts in the commercial open source industry, 
| including executives from Acquia, Novell, Mozilla, Sun Microsystems, and 
| SugarCRM, announced the results of the North Bridge Venture Partners' 
| annual "Future of Open Source" survey. The survey results, collected from 435 
| respondents, bring to light a variety of significant issues and topics 
| surrounding open source software, such as the impact of the economic 
| recession, key market drivers, and predictions regarding the types of 
| companies that will drive the next wave of commercial open source success.       


Introduction to Open Source  

,----[ Quote ]
| Open Source is a community driven approach to building software where the 
| consumer has access to the source code. The source code is the recipe for 
| building the software. Open Source Software begins with a problem that NEEDS 
| a solution. The need can be anything, from a problem the author is trying to 
| resolve for themselves, a customer or just trying a different approach to 
| traditional solutions. The author will come up with an idea to solve the 
| problem, and then implement that idea as software. The author may realize 
| that friends and colleagues could benefit from the solution, or that the 
| solution needs expertise that they do not have. At this point, the author 
| decides to release their solution as an Open Source Project. This three step 
| process from Need to Idea to Project, is how Open Source Projects are created          



Readers' Choice Awards 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| Back in January and February, we surveyed you, our readers, to find out what 
| Linux-based products, tools and services you prefer these days. More than 
| 5,900 of you completed the survey, and your favorites are the worthy 
| recipients of the 2008 Readers' Choice Awards. Although some results are 
| predictable, many are certain to both interest and surprise you.    

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