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[News] Summary of the Open Source Business Conference 2009

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Takeaways and Study Materials from the Open Source Business Conference

,----[ Quote ]
| Matt Asay, who chaired this week's Open Source Business Conference in San 
| Francisco has a good post up with some links to good material from the event. 
| Dries Buytaert gave a great presentation on open source community building 
| and it's now online, the 451 Group collected some very provocative quotes 
| from thought leaders, and more. Here are a few of the eye-catching missives 
| Matt points to from OSBC, plus some of our own posts related to the event.     


Mule - The Open Source Enterprise Integration Solution?

,----[ Quote ]
| Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a new architectural approach for 
| building distributed systems that deliver application functionality as 
| loosely coupled services. Till recently it was mere hype, but today it's a 
| reality. The use of SOA has been moved from the laboratory level to 
| enterprises level in order to seamlessly integrate disparate applications and 
| create a common platform for carrying out mission critical business processes 
| for the enterprises. The large enterprises are looking at SOA to maximize 
| their returns by reducing complexity and cost of change and improving the 
| leverage & reuse of assets within and outside the enterprise.         


Open Source Monitoring: Zenoss Community and Zenoss Unique Selling Proposition,
an interview with Mark Hinkle

,----[ Quote ]
| Zenoss Core is developed by Zenoss, with the classical corporate production 
| model but welcoming third parties contributions (zenpacks). In force of this 
| choice, they have been able to create a unified data model, yet using few 
| open source components.   



No Justification Need

,----[ Quote ]
| What's at the forefront of my crabbiness is the almost-complete capture of
| the Open Source Business Conference's news cycle by Brad Smith's presence at
| that conference left me wondering who else was even there this week, other
| than Smith, Matt Asay, and a few pundits and luminaries. In a nicely done
| spin for the media, OSBC suddenly became about how Microsoft braved the
| lion's den, instead of the real progress a lot of companies are making in
| open source development and business.      


All That Got Stolen Was Microsoft's Thunder

,----[ Quote ]
| The best response I've seen was from Jonathan Corbet at a panel at the Open
| Source Business Conference in San Francisco last May. Corbet is a Linux
| kernel developer himself and executive editor of the Linux Weekly News.  
| "I feel I've been called a thief," he said levelly during a panel at the
| event, and pointed out that Microsoft was one of the companies that had
| patented "thousands of trivial functions ... There's no way to write a
| nontrivial program that can't be claimed to infringe on someone's patents."  

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