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[News] Sun Promotes Free Software and Ignores IBM Rumours

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Sun Chief Forges Ahead as IBM Rumors Swirl

,----[ Quote ]
| In a speech on Wednesday, the CEO of Sun Microsystems ignored the rumors that 
| the company may be sold to IBM, and focused instead on the business 
| opportunities presented by cloud computing and open-source software.  
| All of the world's Fortune 500 companies are using open-source software at 
| least to some degree, CEO Jonathan Schwartz said in a speech at Infoworld's 
| Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco. "The era in which we wonder 
| if open source will matter is now behind us," he said.   



Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz on What's Next for Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Which is all to say, I'm not worried about the role information technology
| will play in the economy, nor am I worried about the relevance of open
| source. In the technology world, free and open is the new black. So while we
| all have to acknowledge, and will clearly feel the challenges of today, I
| cannot imagine a better time for us to come together to talk about tomorrow.
| I imagine that most of you attending the Open Source Business Conference
| share my view – I’m not worried about the future; I’m focused on delivery of
| it.

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