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[News] Businesses in OSBC See Free Software Gaining the Economy

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Open Source Backers See Downturn Opportunity

,----[ Quote ]
| Panelist Marten Mikos, former CEO at mySQL and an outgoing executive at Sun 
| (which purchased the database software last year in a blockbuster 
| billion-dollar deal), was quick to note there are many high-quality open 
| source applications, "but customers buy on low price, so in a recession, open 
| source is that much more attractive both for the applications and the cost of 
| development."     
| John Roberts, CEO of SugarCRM, agreed.
| "All companies are rethinking the value proposition," he said. "If you're a 
| 100-percent proprietary software, it's difficult to create unique value."  


Microsoft is trying to refute this. Lies and more lies...

Nuxeo Announces the Availability of Nuxeo EP 5.2, the New Release of Its Open
Source ECM Platform

,----[ Quote ]
| After 18 months of open and intensive R&D efforts, Nuxeo presents a major 
| version of its ECM open source platform: Nuxeo Enterprise Platform (EP) 5.2. 



No Justification Need

,----[ Quote ]
| What's at the forefront of my crabbiness is the almost-complete capture of 
| the Open Source Business Conference's news cycle by Brad Smith's presence at 
| that conference left me wondering who else was even there this week, other 
| than Smith, Matt Asay, and a few pundits and luminaries. In a nicely done 
| spin for the media, OSBC suddenly became about how Microsoft braved the 
| lion's den, instead of the real progress a lot of companies are making in 
| open source development and business.      


All That Got Stolen Was Microsoft's Thunder 

,----[ Quote ]
| The best response I've seen was from Jonathan Corbet at a panel at the Open 
| Source Business Conference in San Francisco last May. Corbet is a Linux 
| kernel developer himself and executive editor of the Linux Weekly News.  
| "I feel I've been called a thief," he said levelly during a panel at the 
| event, and pointed out that Microsoft was one of the companies that had 
| patented "thousands of trivial functions ... There's no way to write a 
| nontrivial program that can't be claimed to infringe on someone's patents."   

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