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[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux Prepares For Server-based/Web-based Computing Potential

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Ubuntu planning move to the cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| Add Canonical to the roster of companies offering technology to help 
| enterprise customers build their own cloud-computing setups. But unlike most 
| of the better-known players in this nascent market, the twist here is that 
| the technology will be supplied by an open-source shop.   


Ubuntu promises DIY Amazon cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| The goal is to make Ubuntu Amazon-ready for developers champing to get a bit 
| of EC2 action but who are constrained by working inside large and 
| conservative organizations that place restrictions on what applications and 
| data can be run outside their firewall on a third-party's service.   


Five Essential Ubuntu Modifications 

,----[ Quote ]
| I like to run the latest software, so every 6 months when a new Ubuntu debuts 
| I upgrade my system. To keep everything running smoothly I like to start with 
| a clean install, but I always find myself repeating the same modifications. 
| Some of these modifications are essential to get certain features to work, 
| one of them is something I couldn’t do without. Here are my five essential 
| Ubuntu modifications.     



Ubuntu on Amazon Beta

,----[ Quote ]
| We have just announced our beta of Ubuntu Server Edition for cloud computing.
| It uses Amazon’s established cloud service EC2. We’re supplying customised
| images that are quick to deploy and efficient in production. The images are
| based on Ubuntu Server Edition so have the same great security, performance,
| reliability and range of applications. Since they use the EC2 service it
| means that you can have a new server up and running with a few mouse clicks.


Ubuntu on Amazon EC2 Beta released

,----[ Quote ]
| The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the beta release of Ubuntu 8.10 Server
| Edition on Amazon's EC2 cloud computing service.  Ubuntu Server on Amazon
| gives you the power and modularity of Ubuntu combined with the flexibility of
| Amazon's cloud computing service.  This is the first beta release of an
| Ubuntu Server Edition image optimised for EC2's cloud computing environment.

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