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[News] New Mail/Collaboration Solutions for GNU/Linux

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Open-Xchange to Demo Social Media Platform

,----[ Quote ]
| The social media platform comes at an opportune time, as Facebook users find 
| themselves binded by legalities involving data ownership and communities like 
| Google's OpenSocial compete to create open access to data.  


Open Source Groupware Hits Prime Time

,----[ Quote ]
| Scalable OpenGroupware.org 1.0 may not sound like a sexy name, but its 
| release this week bears checking out all the same. Based on the 
| OpenGroupware.org standards, "SOGo," as it's called, has been years in the 
| making and could give businesses a much lower cost (i.e. free) way to link 
| employees' calendaring, email and collaboration. As SOGo developers 
| write, "Your users can either use a web browser, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple 
| iCal, or a mobile device to access the same information."       


5 Open-source Programs that Give You a Better Outlook on Life

,----[ Quote ]
| Kontact
| Kontact is a well-respected Linux email and personal information application, 
| and a Windows version is being worked on as we speak. You can download it 
| today through the KDE on Windows project, but it is not yet ready for the 
| average user. Keep your eye on it for the future.   
| Kontact is actually a collection of integrated yet individual applications. 
| This is very handy, since you can open just the calendar without having to 
| open the entire suite.  



Microsoft Restores Service After Hotmail Outage

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft scrambled to fix a global outage that hit its Windows Live Hotmail
| service for several hours on Thursday.


Hotmail posts decline in traffic in U.S.

,----[ Quote ]
| Many Hotmail users are threatening to leave the e-mail service in the wake of
| its most recent redesign. Turns out, though, that even before the revamp,
| they were on their way out, at least in the U.S.

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