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[News] A Closer Look at the Open Source Hardware Central Bank

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Take that to the Open Source bank

,----[ Quote ]
| Think open source and you might think many things, but I doubt very much that 
| banking will be towards the top of the list or even on the radar for that 
| matter. Yet the concept of a hacker bank to fund open source projects is 
| exactly what has come out of discussions between a couple of open source  
| hardware nuts, Justin Huynh and Matt Stack, who have now started the Open 
| Source Hardware Central Bank.    
| [...]
| The Open Source Hardware Central Bank has come about due to the difficulties 
| of getting traditional lenders, even those who ‘get’ the open source software 
| movement to understand how open source can translate to hardware. Matt Stack 
| explains it as open source software being made with time whereas hardware 
| needs both time and money. According to Matt, while the principles of an open 
| source software time economy translate easily to an open source hardware one, 
| the same is not true of the OSHW money economy. “Just try to answer any of 
| these questions” Matt suggests “who makes money from it, who funds it, why do 
| they fund it, and who’s helping to make it sustainable for the community?”        



Introducing the Open Source Hardware Central Bank

,----[ Quote ]
| This blog post started with a cross-country driving trip, Zen and the Art of
| Open Source Hardware, and culminated with discussions during and especially
| after Justin's Open Source Economic Council (OSEC?). The list of people I
| interviewed and talked to about this is too long to list individually, so
| instead I'm going to throw credits to everyone who's been kind enough to help
| on a wiki soon.

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