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[News] Open Access Gets Boost and Funding for 'Open Source' Textbooks

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Update on OA in India

,----[ Quote ]
| India's premier publicly-funded research organization is pushing to make all 
| research published at its institutions open access. But its pleas are falling 
| on deaf ears, critics say, as individual laboratories have been slow to take 
| up the charge.   


Flat World Knowledge Gets $8 Million for Open-source Textbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| Flat World Knowledge, a provider of commercial, open-source college 
| textbooks, announced on Tuesday that it has closed an $8 million first round  
| of funding. 


Open-Source Textbook Firm Flat World Knowledge Gets $8 Million



John Conyers and Open Access

,----[ Quote ]
| The "open access movement" was born to create an alternative to this. Even if
| restrictive copyright was a necessary evil in the days of dead-tree-based
| publishing, it was still an evil. High costs restrict access. The business
| model of the scientist is to spread his or her knowledge as widely as
| possible. Open access journals, such as, for example, those created by the
| Public Library of Science, have adopted a different publishing model, to
| guarantee that all all research is freely accessible online (under the freest
| Creative Commons license) immediately, to anyone around the world. This
| guarantee of access, however, is not purchased by any compromise in academic
| standards. There is still a peer-review process. There is still even a
| paper-based publication.


Speak now, Mr. Conyers, or withdraw this embarrassment of a bill

,----[ Quote ]
| On the Huffington Post, Mike Eisen and I have asked Mr. Conyers to respond to
| the calls that he withdraw the embarrassing, anti-open access HR 801 (aka,
| the Fair Copyright in Research Works Act).

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