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[News] Free Software in Healthcare Stifled by Lobbyists and Predatory 'Laws'

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Fred Trotter On Preventing An Anti-FOSS Policy In Health IT

,----[ Quote ]
| I can tell you that in Health IT, FOSS is the future. Imagine a world where 
| there is GNU/Linux, but no Microsoft Windows. That is what is coming for 
| Health IT. There has been an utter market failure by proprietary EHR vendors 
| over the last 30 years. Part of that is the fault of the Clinical community, 
| they have been very resistant to computerization. But most of the blame is 
| from the proprietary lock-in tactics used by the majority of the HIMSS 
| vendors.      


Open source to meet with CCHIT at HIMSS

,----[ Quote ]
| Since CCHIT is the organization that presently certifies solutions, and it 
| locks out open source, Trotter fears open source is being locked out of the 
| health care market.  



WorldVista on Moka5 player virtual machine

,----[ Quote ]
| Thanks to the installation script by Ignacio Valdes and the patch by Kevin
| Toppenburg for his GUI Configuration tool, I was able to install WorldVista
| on a Moka5 virtual machine based on PCLinuxOS-2007.


DOHCS 2009 Conference a Hit! Wildly Exceeds Attendance Expectations

,----[ Quote ]
| The third appearance of the DOHCS (Demonstrating Open-Source Health Care
| Solutions) conference showed a stunning demand for open-source healthcare
| technologies. With the nation in the midst of a healthcare crisis, nearly 300
| attendees learned how open-source alternatives to proprietary health
| technologies can offer the transparency and collaboration necessary for
| quality patient care.


CBO: Health IT Deficit of $17 billion over 10 Years

,----[ Quote ]
| Ten years in the ditch is a very long time. The only thing that could turn
| this around is a ban on federal spending for proprietary Electronic Medical
| Record software in which only Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3
| software can be purchased with federal funds. Current proprietary vendors can
| change their product licenses to AGPL to receive public money.


Midland Memorial Hospital Reduces Patient Deaths, Infection Rates Through Use
of OpenVista Electronic Health Record

,----[ Quote ]
| Since the implementation of Medsphere's OpenVista electronic health record
| (EHR), Midland Memorial Hospital (MMH) has realized a host of improved
| clinical results, including fewer patient deaths and medical errors and
| decreased infection rates, an independent case study confirms.


Your Money and Your Medical Privacy Gone

,----[ Quote ]
| The important exceptions are: The Veterans Affairs VistA software system
| which is in the public domain, successfully deployed in the private sector
| and is a remarkable example of a government success. Naturally the government
| has tried to kill it numerous times. Other Free/Open Source Software
| Electronic Medical Records that have achieved notable success like Webreach
| and ClearHealth. The recent ARRA of 2009 as written tips the playing field
| against FOSS software through hostile certification processes and marketing
| noise drowning out real solutions.


GNUmed 0.4.0 released

,----[ Quote ]
| Over last couple of months the GNUmed team has worked hard to bring you a
| brand new release. We are proud to announce version 0.4 of GNUmed.


A Generous, Virtuous Society

,----[ Quote ]
| A single sentence law enacted by Congress could change this. That sentence
| is: 'All Electronic Medical Record software purchased with federal funds must
| be licensed under the Affero General Public License version 3.' Such a
| sentence would change the picture dramatically for the better.


Misys open source solutions tests software

,----[ Quote ]
| Misys Open Source Solutions, a division of Misys plc, announced today that it
| will demonstrate newly developed software at the healthcare industry's
| week-long interoperability testing event, Integrating the Healthcare
| Enterprise (IHE) Connectathon in Chicago.


Open Source Medical Records

,----[ Quote ]
| The idea is simple - take the the publicly available code from the Veterans
| Administration clinical information system, add new modules such as revenue
| cycle interfaces that are needed in practices outside the VA system and
| include support/implementation services. In effect, you'll have the "Red Hat
| Linux" of the electronic health record world.

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