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[News] CIO Recommends Free Software for Business... in Wintel Press

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CIO Open Source Corner - The Top 5 FUD Myths used against Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Support
| Myth: There is no support. Do you want to rely on forums.
| Fact: Commercial open source offers commercial Service Level Agreements
| Cost
| Myth: It costs more really.
| Reality: Supported open source is typically a tenth of the cost of 
| traditional enterprise software. See my previous post on cost.  



Capitol Weekly Interview

,----[ Quote ]
| The role of the state Chief Information Officer [CIO] here was established by
| Senate Bill 90, that was done last year...
| What are we moving away from and moving towards?
| We’re going to be moving away from some of our older mainframe technologies,
| running on COBOL. We’re moving definitely towards greater use of open source,
| to either a dot-net of Java environment for development. We’re moving towards
| many more services as self-service. Not only from the standpoint of content,
| which is what states have done in the past, but much more toward everyone
| expanding the kinds of services that are available [online] from the Dept. of
| Motor Vehicles or the Franchise Tax Board. As the state broadband expands,
| and as everyone becomes more computer-literate, they’re going to want to do
| more services online. They’re not going to want to have to drive to an office
| or talk to someone on the phone. A side benefit of that is it’s much
| environmentally-friendly and budget-friendly to the state.


CIO Reality Check: Linux Security

,----[ Quote ]
| Walt Cornelison, Director of Information Technology, Tropitone Furniture:
| Security is always a concern. I have to balance security with an ability to
| operate and function. I find security to be less of a concern on the Linux
| side. I'm pretty confident on that side of our business. We have to balance
| operations performance, [with] user need and security. Security cannot be so
| obtrusive that we cannot operate.

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