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[News] Linux is Getting Faster

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Benchmarking The Linux 2.6.24 Through 2.6.29 Kernels

,----[ Quote ]
| With the release yesterday of the Linux 2.6.29 kernel, we have set out to 
| explore how the desktop performance has evolved over the past six major 
| kernel releases. On a few occasions in the past we have provided kernel 
| benchmarks (at one point even benchmarking 12 kernels), but this time around 
| we have included nearly two dozen benchmarks using the Phoronix Test Suite. 
| How has the Linux performance evolved since the release of the Linux 2.6.24 
| kernel back in early 2008? Well, simply put, the Linux 2.6.29 kernel in a few 
| areas does pack some serious performance benefits.       



Taking Ubuntu 9.04 Out For A Spin

,----[ Quote ]
| The best thing I noticed about Ubuntu 9.04 so far is how fast it is. The
| developers weren’t lying when they talked about speed, this thing is FAST.
| Even though I installed it on an older machine, you wouldn’t notice it
| because even with an older processor, Jaunty is probably the most responsive
| version I’ve ever used.


FOSS Debates, Part 1: Kernel Truths

,----[ Quote ]
| When Linux version 0.01 was first released more than 17 years ago, it
| included some 10,000 lines of code; last fall, the kernel surpassed 10
| million.
| Though blank lines, comments and text files are included in that count, the
| kernel's size has been a source of growing concern among many observers, not
| a few of whom charge the kernel has become unwieldy and bloated.


EXT4 is improving the Linux experience

,----[ Quote ]
| In short, the ext4 filesystem made a DE outperform a WM, and that’s something
| special indeed. I’ve been using Linux for over 5 years now, and never before
| has a technology appeared which makes that much of a difference, speedwise.

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