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[News] New Release of Linux/Tuz (2.6.29) Adds KMS and Btrfs

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Linux 2.6.29

,----[ Quote ]
| It's out there now, or at least in the process of getting mirrored out.
| The most obvious change is the (temporary) change of logo to Tuz, the  
| Tasmanian Devil. But there's a number of driver updates and some m68k  header 
| updates (fixing headers_install after the merge of non-MMU/MMU)  that end up 
| being pretty noticeable in the diffs.   
| The shortlog (from -rc8, obviously - the full logs from 2.6.28 are too big  
| to even contemplate attaching here) is appended, and most of the non-logo 
| changes really shouldn't be all that noticeable to most people. Nothing 
| really exciting, although I admit to fleetingly considering another -rc 
| series just because the changes are bigger than I would have wished for this 
| late in the game. But there was little point in holding off the real release 
| any longer, I feel.      


Linux 2.6.29 Kernel Released; Hello KMS and Btrfs!

,----[ Quote ]
| With much anticipation, the Linux 2.6.29 kernel was released just moments ago 
| by Linus Torvalds. Besides introducing an interim logo to stand-in for Tux, 
| the Linux 2.6.29 kernel most notably introduces support for kernel 
| mode-setting on Intel hardware. Also in the graphics realm are a few updates 
| to the Graphics Execution Manager and DRM updates for various pieces of 
| hardware.      



Kernel Log: What's new in 2.6.29 - Part 6: Storage, IDE/PATA, SCSI

,----[ Quote ]
| With Linux Torvalds saying 2.6.29 could be available within a week or two,
| the Kernel Log continues its reporting about the new features scheduled for
| 2.6.29 with what's new in terms of storage drivers.

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